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  1. lol The only war i see if the one played by fanboys on other forums (not DFi's, this is a great place with polite respectfull people thank god) To be trully honest I was caught by Final Fantasy 7 to the Sony brand. I do believe that there is no war: there are profiles. I do believe the Xbox360 has better grafics, though that never decided who won previous console wars. The online gaming is solid on both consoles. Xbox live sure is fantastic, but I don't want to pay for a better online experience. Not many people have realized that Xbox Live gold can make your 360 be much more expensive then a PS3. And Xbox Live Silver is almost the same as the PS3 online experience. Also, 360's games always comes first. Why? Cmon, the 360 has the same architecture of a PC. Recall the Mac G3 and G4 and then compare it to the 360... If you were a game producer, of course you would go the easy way: make a game to PC and the 360 (wich can be done without the slightest effort) and then spend two or three monts adapting it to the Cell. About the Cell, would you spend another six months to squeeze the best out of it? Well your cost would be so high just for 5 more fps or a 15% grafics/AI increase and really, really, would the average gamer care? You don't buy a PS3 to beat a Xbox, you buy it to have fun! Thats just why the Xbox is amazing! Its cheap, easy to make games that looks good because its on the interest of the game maker to do so for PC and has a solid package of fun. Why did I go for the PS3? Final Fantasy and MGS. Those tittles will be made for the PS3. I don't believe they won't go multiplatform nowadays, but being made focusing on the Cell has a great impact on it. I just said that it has no impact, why did the course change? Final Fantasy and MGS hardcore players are the kind of guys that enjoy going to the ultmost experience... The cell might provide MGS4 a little more AI that surelly interests us. Final Fantasy always had cutting edge technology and here we go again. Some games are just casual games, like NFL, Need for speed and so on. You play it for fun like I said before. What the PS3 adds here is value to a gameplay on primarly "exclusive" games. And that might make people want it instead of the 360. Thats me... I also bought it for the whole package. Wifi on my house, the Hard Drive and the blu-ray player is cheap and I still don't know if there will be a winner format. Why not having hybrid players? Thats what's happening. The code is almost the same (if not the same), and the the blu-ray laser can cover the HD-DVD range since it has a higher frequence. You migh have both formats on the future. I just want to have one, and pay a little for it. Finnaly, I have the feeling that Xbox Elite might tighten the "race". Solid console that is for sure Yoda! I would really go for it plus a U$200,00 HD-DVD player, but as I said I want to be chalenged by Kojima and Square. Maybe when these two games come out, the PS3 might have a reason to be. I just bought mine now because I had a great deal that I could not refuse: I live in Brazil (sorry for my grammar) and the PS3 costs U$2500,00 in here! I will get mine from a friend on the US for U$850 (aditional SIXAXIS and 3 games), and thats a bargain to me. Just to have you even more surprised, the XBOX360 costs U$1500,00, sold by Microsoft itself here. Welcome to the third world!!!
  2. Well the tittle says it all... I knew for a long time that the Playstation 3 blu-ray player did not downconvert 1080p movies to 780p. As the majority people with HDTV's out there, my TV only offers me 780p and lets face it, why the rush to go 1080p? I can wait for a couple of years, get me a new furniture and then go on. I have been a little away about the PS3 firmware updates; are there any improvements on that field? Can I play Blu-ray movies on 780p or will it still be looking like a DVD (480p)? I know that they do it with games, why not with movies? countdown: 5 days for my PS3 to arrive...
  3. both of them!? If so thats what I was looking for. Thank you Guess that VCR will remain as a museum in my living room then. Let the PS3 on the open field with a breeze... Now I have to buy a new, longer optic cable
  4. Well not the entire brazillian territory is hot and humid... Amazonia really is. but my place is surelly cool and windy. I am at the last year of Mechanical engineering and yeah i know what wood can do to you in heat problems. Thats why I asked. PS1 and PS2 coud run perfectly fine on that cabinet and I just chickened when I heard about (several) 360s overheating deaths and started thinking if the same wouldn't apply to the PS3. I am thinking about just instaling it and hearing if it will get loud as many people said that it is quiet most of the time. About air conditioning, I live uphill and believe me, if you dont close the windows you may get a flu. Its a pretty cool room but you have to think that in Brazil you cant expect to have snow at winter. I believe that you can think of my town as some Californian city on top of a hill: lots of sun and wind, all I want to know is if the narrow space will be fine or not. I even took some pics but I dont have a URL to put em and I really dont want to start bothering about that. Update: Well just for a comparison the system on my signature is running at 38ºC at load and never passed 40ºC on my house. And it is on a much smaller room.
  5. Hy guys My PS3 is coming the next week and I would really like to have it on my living roon aside my HDTV. It will be located where now stands my old, junked VCR. Its a wooden cabinet with 75cm X 11.5cm (length X height) or 30" X 4.5" on the imperial system. The back of it is open, so there will be air running on it. I know it will surely fit and look awesome, but will it burn my PS3? Why does it have to be there? The look will be outstanding; the optic audio cable will be able to reach the 5.1 home theather and it will be in the center of the room. Thanks in advance
  6. You have forgotten religions and football teams also.
  7. Thanks for the guy that answered me. About Bush's commentary, it was supposed to be a joke, but you guys took it really seriously. And about that IQ test, I have read it somewhere that I can't remember. Since I dont read anything that can't be trusted (and thats why I asked this HD question in here and not on Gamespot forumz), I suppose it should not be a total joke. My fault to start political discussions in here. I am sorry, really am. We should all have opinions and share them in order to make our entire community evolve, but I believe my joke harmed more then made fun. Back to the question, so I can hook up an external HD and share with PS3. Thats good, since I can have access in my job to some good external HDs and borrow them. Can I also record directly on them!? I mean, let's say I want to RIP a blu-ray film on an external HD to carry it anywhere. THanks and sorry once again.
  8. We all know that the PS3 has a notebook/laptop HD that is so easy to upgrade that even George W. Bush could do it (lowest IQ of all US presidents in history for those who don't read too much, but lets keep the focus). In fact I believe 60Gb aren't enough for me and upgrading is almost crucial. The fact is: notebook hard drives are not only small (hard to find the expensive 160gb models) but you can't have more then 100Gb in 7200RPMs. Since the PS3 has several USB ports I was wondering, PS3 already owners: can't we hook up an external USB HD with, lets say, 500GB? Its not only bigger but also faster. Has anyone tried that? Let us know. And thanks in advance
  9. And yes it is 720p. Its finals on college, chill. So, does video component cable let me play 720p games on my HDTV?
  10. You been drinking? I said that the source would be the PS3 Blu-Ray Disk. I just saw on gamespot: "We were able to play games and play Blu-ray movies at 1080p and 1080i over HDMI. Component cables allowed us to play games at 1080p, but dropped the resolution down to 1080i while playing Blu-ray movies. We also popped in a regular DVD movie to see if the PS3 could upscale the picture to HD resolution, but could only get movies to play at the standard 480p resolution. We haven't had a chance to test out the PS3 on older HDTVs that only support 1080i, but other web sites have reported that the PS3 will downgrade games to 480p on older HDTV displays that support 1080i, but not 720p." heres the link Happy Games: http://www.gamespot.com/features/6161997/i...t&click=topslot
  11. Here it goes I got a nice LCD (32") TV from a good manufacturer. On its manual I found that the native resolution for this display is 780p (great!). I live in Brazil and in this "advanced" nation there are no 1080p TVs for now. The thing is: 1 - On the manufacturer (Philips) site, its written that the TV supports 1080i as an HDTV resolution. Does it mean that you can input this signal and it will be iterated to 780p or what? There is no way this TV can output 1080i on the display, right? 2 - Is there any big difference between 1080i and 780p? Watch for the letters "i" and "p". 3 - All of this comes to an end: I wan to buy me a PS3 in Q1 2007 or Q2 2007. And some say that when you set on the console 780p the image goes down to 480p. This I've seen on several reviews including reliable ones like gamespot.com; users say that you can output 1080p through HDMI but with video component cables its always 480p. My TV has an HDMI cable so you might ask why the rush!? I also have a 350 Watts RMS 5.1 home theater with digital (optical) audio input, being used by a Sony DVD. I don't want to use the HDMI cable for sound (otherwise I'll have to mute the TV), I want to have full 5.1 explosions on my living room. Does anyone know how to make the PS3 run 780p on DVI/Video Component cable or just by the HDMI cable?
  12. According to Happy Games all 360s games are still DVDs. But still with the Blu ray disk I believe the cost can go down at least 100 bucks on each version, if the horny fanboys don't buy all PS3s for Christmas sales in a matter of minutes once again... Sony wont come down for now, not as long as they keep selling. Are all PS3 games Blu Ray disks?
  13. And also, by the way fanboys are buying the PS3, in no time we would see lots of consoles all around the world. When the heat go down, if Sony end up launching a PS3 without the Blu Ray drive with a price close to the Xbox Core, it would be a rampage just because of the fans the PS have adn all those who felt it was overpriced. One of my big issues is if the price will go down in six months, knowing that people are buying U$1000,00 consoles like water on the desert on Ebay. Imagine the 20G version at U$399,00... thats a whole new scenario
  14. Just to remember, I finished Final Fantasy 7 ELEVEN TIMES! I am a RPG hardcore gamer;
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