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  1. Thanks for the replies, folks. Sounds like I shouldn't have a problem for the games I run. Never much been into Doom, or Quake or any of those...
  2. SLI is PCI Express, right? Also: I could also just turn down the res, right? Say, to 1600x1200? Still plenty smooth-looking, but wouldn't be as much of a hog, right?
  3. for gaming, I mean? Will running games in this super-high resolution slow things down terribly? I'm mostly asking about Flight Simulator, which is about the only game I still mess with on the PC. Here's the rest of my system: P4 3.0 GHZ processor Asus p4p800 mobo 1 gig PC3200 DDR And, as i said, the 6800 GT OC, not overclocked at all. Will I like need to upgrade to a faster vidcard? (I hope not!
  4. Hi. I'm getting a new, wide-aspect monitor for my computer and xbox 360.. I'm wondering, for the computer, which drivers I ought to use for this. I've got an FX6800 GTOC... I'm using 71.84s right now, because they work great and I got tired of updating all the time. Is there a newer version that I should use for the wide-aspect ratio? Many thanks in advance for any help!
  5. I've installed the 77.72 drivers and I'm getting very strange video performance. The picture has terrible "ghosting" where everyone looks like they have a semi-transparent outline right next to them. And the colors seem very, very washed out.. Any ideas? I'm using Geforce FX 6800 GT OC. It's not overclocked at all. When I revert to my old drivers, I get no problems..
  6. Hi. I have a coolermaster praetorian case that I like quite a bit; I'm just running the four stock 80mm fans in it. Recently, though, as it has begun to get warmer, I've noticed that my temps seem higher - i need to know if they're too high. My vidcard (a BFG 6800 GT OC) reports that the ambient temperature is 56c; and the card is cruising at 73c. (!) My understanding is that the vidcard gpu will always be about 15-18 degrees hotter than the ambient temp in the case.. I'm not having any problems - no stutters or artifacts or freezes, even when the card is running at load. (i don't think it ever gets above about 79c, and the threshold is set at 120. I'm not overclocking the card at all.) So is this a problem I should try to address? Would Vantec fans cool the case a little more? I won't do water for fear of really messing up my system with a lead or something. THis is supposed to be a very good, cool case, I think; is it performing the way it's supposed to? Some advice here would be much appreciated! Update: Okay. I've actually moved the computer from what would be considered the hot corner of the room, and it has cooled pretty far. The card is now idling at about 63 degrees... ambient temperature is about 46.. Still wondering about fans, though. Is it worth sticking new ones in? I think the ones that came with the case are pretty good.
  7. How do i check this? Like i said, it's a p4p800 and I'm running a thermaltake 480W powersupply. Also: How would I further cool the vidcard. Are there external heatsinks for that?
  8. Wow.. thanks for the very quick reply. So i can increase performance overall with better RAM and maybe see a difference in 3dmark05 (i'm getting 5355 right now), but to OC the vidcard higher I need to cool it better.. that right? thanks for the info!
  9. Hi. I'm considering some new RAM and had a couple of questions. Full disclosure: I know enough about computers to have selected the parts for my current machine, but I'm no expert, so bear with me! <_< First: the reason I'm considering the new memory is that I have a new 6800 GT OC vidcard that I'm overclocking. I can't get it past about 416/1.09, and I thought perhaps this was because of the RAM I'm using. (this is what I need help with.) My Mobo is a p4p800, with 128 MB vid capability, and I suppose maybe that's the reason the vidcard won't go much faster, because it is 256 MB. I really like my mobo quite a lot though and don't want to go through the hassle of swapping it out. So I'm thinking that replacing my 1 GB of ValueSelect Corsair DDR 400 with Corsair XMS Extreme DDR 400; both are PC3200.. In general, I suspect I'll get better performance out of the XMS all around, so I'm not worried about that. My only question is whether it will have any effect at all on the overclocking for the vidcard. Are these things related at all? Many thanks for any advice!
  10. I've got it running at 420 core speed/1.1 GHZ memory... This is my first time overclocking this card (i would never have done it except that it's supported (almost recommended) by the manufacturer, BFG... But now that I've done it I'm intrigued. I just tried one game with it, and it seems to move much more fluidly. (It's NBA Live 2005, which always seems choppy when using AA). Is my overclock really making the difference here? My other specs: asus p4p800 mobo PIV 3.0 GHZ processor 1 GIG PC 3200 DDR by Corsair.. Audigy 2ZS sound card.
  11. hey, thanks for the help. I tried a search and came up with bubkus.. maybe i didn't enter the right keywords.. thanks again..
  12. Hi. I've just started OC'ing my 6800 GTOC with Coolbits, and I have two choices. STandard (2d) and Performance (3d). What's the difference? Do I need to change both?
  13. Thanks... I'll try them. I've been using 66.93s..
  14. Hi. I love this card (got it in December) and it's performing nicely. Just wondering what drivers people are using with it that they like.
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