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  1. Ok, figured out what the problem was. My seagate did not have a jumper that set it to cable select so it was fighting with the WD about who was the master disk. I had to put a jumper on the seagate so the two disks would stop fighting and now I boot up in 4 seconds again. I don't know why this was a problem after I downloaded the new chipset drivers but that is the solution.
  2. I never installed windows on the seagate. I just want to use the seagate for storage thats why I installed windows on the WD. Without the seagate plugged in it takes 4 sec to load. With the seagate plugged in it takes 1 minute. The WD is the master drive in the boot sequence. I know this is noobish of me but, "What is the boot sequence when the IDE drive is the master?" The IDE is not the master so Im not sure what you are asking.
  3. I installed the new chipset drivers about a week ago and I noticed that the boot time went from 4 seconds to 1 minute. I tried everything to resolve this issue until I finally installed a fresh copy of windows on my wd hdd. I think I narrowed it down finally to my seagate 250 gb hard drive. I plugged in my seagate and that is when the blue bar takes one minute to load up. The seagate is not sata but the wd is and I am using the wd as a boot drive. Any input for this is greatly appreciated. I do have the newest bios installed although it is not in my sig.
  4. Thank you so much for that explanation I was getting kinda worried I did something wrong.
  5. Anybody? No one has had this problem with a SATA hard drive? :confused:
  6. That was not the problem but thank you anyways... floppy was old and it did die..put it back into my old comp and same problem, I have not used it in awhile. They are cheap and I'll just go get another one. Anyone have a solution to the WD hdd being seen as a removable drive? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I have never used a sata drive before.
  7. Just put all my parts together and hit the power button and bam no problems :nod: Installed everything just fine but now it will not read the floppy drive. The light is on and i see it as an A drive but it will not read a floppy disk at all. Therefore cannot flash bios yet. One other problem my hdd is reading as a removable drive? It's a sata WD I believe everything is hooked up correctly but it still reads as a removable drive. If anyone has a solution feel free to help me out.
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