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  1. I love my 4400! Right now it's clocked to 250x11 = 2750mhz on air cooling. Go for it, you won't be disappointed!
  2. When you say you get crashes running HL2, is it actually HL2 or is it Counter-Strike:Source? My HL2 runs fine, but I get sporadic crashes while playing online with CSS. I'm pretty sure its not my RAM, could be my 7600GT, but then again, games like Oblivion, Doom3, and Prey don't ever crash on me. I have some weird feeling that it could be a network/connection issue. I never had the issue on my old Dell when it was hardwired to my LAN, but the minute I started using a wireless connection on both my Dell and my new build, it started freezing. Dunno, but just to let you know, getting G.Skill RAM might not make things better if you are looking to stop the crashes in HL2. Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you.
  3. I do have a fan directed at it (80mm) sitting on the right side of my big typhoon on one of my hdd's... it actually cooled it well for a bit, but then it started getting hot again. I will see what i can do w/ the cords, but with my tsunami case, that area is getting cluttered. Thanks for the help! I've thought about getting an sli bridge, but it was shipping from canada, and the shipping was ridiculous. Do you know of a place in the us where i can get one?
  4. I might try the hair dryer idea, but if its too much of a hassle, i'll probably just stick with what I have. The reason why I wanted to switch to the expert is because i've heard that the PWMIC doesn't get as hot when under full load, whereas mine right now is getting up to around 61-62. also, expert has the sli already set up, and more sata options. any opinions/suggestions? Btw...thanks for the quick response, everyone!
  5. So apply the heat (hair dryer) while trying to peel it off the back of the mobo?
  6. Question: Is it hard (or impossible) to remove the sticky padding/metal plate backing for the Big Typhoon from the back of a motherboard once its been attached? I am wanting to "upgrade" to an expert board from my ultra-d, and I want to remove the padding and transfer it to my new board. Is it going to mess things up on the back of the mobo? Would I be able to transfer it? Anyone done this before? If it comes off fine, I am going to get the expert and sell my ultra-d (not sli-modded) online. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Tasr! I am having a blast with overclocking and tweaking. I will definitely add my info to the OCDB as soon as I get all the screenshots w/ Prime95 x2, temps, and CPU-Z x2. I'll keep you updated. Btw.... I am thinking of doing the SLI mod on my Ultra-D board, and getting another eVGA 7600gt....any idea of how this would increase my 3dmark05 benchmark points? Or should I look into selling my 7600gt and getting a 7900gt?
  8. Good to know. I actually ran some 3dmark05 tests last night, pitting 250x11 (2750Mhz) w/ 1:1 RAM, vs. 260x10 (2600Mhz) w/ 1:1 RAM. The 2750MHz scored about 30 points higher than 2600MHz. Maybe I'll try tweaking my RAM to get it up to 270MHz, then I can do a 1:1 on it! Thanks Lowboy!
  9. I've been looking at the OCDB, and have been trying to figure out what the highest FSB possible is for a 4400+. I've seen most people in the 240-250 range (x11 multiplier), but I don't see much of 300's w/ an 8 or 9 multiplier. Does the 4400+ not like the high FSB? I personally haven't fully exhausted my efforts in trying, but I'm curious if anyone has any ideas or experience with this? The reason I ask is because I am thinking of doing a 310*9, then using a divider on my G-skill PC4000 RAM to get them at a higher frequency, while still maintaining the higher clock (2790MHz).
  10. Would pictures help? Price drop to $25 w/ included shipping. see first post.
  11. I really am looking forward to this game coming out... July 10th I believe? I cranked up the volume, ran everything at 1280x1024 perfectly. I even got scared to death by my wife sneaking up and screaming at me! lol....multiplayer mode was also fun, there were a ton of servers available to play.
  12. This will seem like a lame, uneducated question, but where could I get the 704-2bta bios? I couldn't find it on here or on dfi.com, or google even! Thanks.
  13. Great!! Thanks wevsspot! I will give them a try.
  14. Is there a particular BIOS that you guys would recommend for G-Skill RAM? (PC4000). I am having similar problems. I am definitely going home to clear CMOS today, and try all these great suggestions, but I am wondering if there's a better BIOS than the 04/06/06 one? Thanks!
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