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  1. recommend to just plug your laptop to router, much easier setup
  2. I would try to install windows with stock setting first. see if that fix your issue. But i don't really like to install os on raid, too much problem.
  3. would u like to post the link where u download the bios.? did u flash it with sli-d or ultra-d? be a true believer on proper clear-cmos, some time even if i setup my ram improperly,system won't boot. took more than 3-5 tries just to get the system back on it's feet.
  4. your mb should of come the some kind of utilty to monitor temp and fan speed
  5. Just a quick question, did u have all the power connectors pluged in? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20832
  6. would you like to tell everyone how you have your htt set up? :confused: are you even over clocking. It is common for 1 core to fail before the other one.
  7. could be your window installation is corupted due to system instability from previous settings.
  8. Not sure if it will make any difference to you, but try to remove PS2 mouse & key board if you use kvm switch.
  9. Not sure if that is how the program works, but who knows
  10. I tried both setup, 1 with the %, and the other one with start and stop temp. some how it will stop working if i set the htt too high....btw trying to add a side port so I have lots of cool air for cpu.....but just can't get the cpu fan to turn fast enough
  11. I am currently running my Opteron 170 @ 250x10 1.425 volt. when ever I increase the voltage and raise the htt. my cpu fan will only run @ a max of 2800 rpm. as soon as I change it back to 250 htt and lower voltage, cpu fan seem to be working just like before??? any idea??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  12. would you like to try @ 1 t and see if it will work?
  13. I think I will need a better case cooling first. after I lapped the heat sink, temp seems to be the same, but if i remove the side cover and put a air duct to the cpu, the temp drops like 2-3 c right away. My system have a 120mm intake and 120mm exhaust, but i think it is more of the hot air still circulating inside the case
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