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  1. go with the xeon for folding comp lower temps @ stock but they are the same cpu and dont seem to be a diff binning proses
  2. mine dose 1.4 3.6 gig stable but not 100%
  3. if it were only that easy
  4. 965 on a higher strap allows for higher memory speeds on p5b ive had memory upwards of 1300+ how stable was it not very much @ all did 32m and crashed after 30 mins of memtest86 on 5 and the windows one crashed after 200% checked Seems stable but not stable but it was the chipset holeing it back tryed 2.45v didnt make a diff also thats 2.35v +- 1
  5. This chip must do 3.65 gig 1.4V Orthros 8 hour stable
  6. Pic of the mobo pic of phase + mobo The o/cing part on phase First try seems to be on target 500 505 Now to work on memory try some 5.5.5. 1300 with 500 fsb max memory so far
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