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  1. Yup, I am sure the razor didn't touch any of the caps. My blade never went in past half of its length. The blade would need to go in the full length to even touch a cap. I was pretty careful with the AS5. I will try again with some AS Ceramique then. AMD Dual Core patch is already installed.
  2. Just got a Opty 165 and it should do 2.8GHz on stock. I carefully removed the IHS and did not touch any of the surface-mounted capacitors. I dropped it into my DFI Expert mobo and it booted. The CPU was properly displayed. However, Windows XP and Vista will either freeze during loading or reboot the PC after 1 min. I tried reinstalling XP and it freezes during copy files. It is not a heat issue since I remounted twice already and temps are in the mid-20s. I set everything to stock so it is not overclocking. MemTest86 made two successful passes. My BIOS is up-to-date. Cool N Quiet is disabled. No bent pins.... What am I missing?
  3. AMD Fusion technology should actually allow this. Graphics processing may fall back on the CPU as octo-core comes into play. In addition, AMD (and lesser extent Intel) have opened up their architecture to allow future cooperative chips to be plugged in. For AMD, you will be able to plug in a third party specialized chip that communicates via HyperTransport. More development on this in 2009, I think.
  4. Thanks for the responses. To clarify, would bus width actually matter? 266MB/s is plenty fine and RAID0 Raptors shouldn't be able to bottleneck it. Does the 3114 Silicon rely on the CPU for any processing?
  5. My motherboard is able to control a RAID via the nForce4 chipset and via a Silicon Image Sil 3114 chip. Which would give better perfomance? Would the 3114 chip offload any work from the CPU? Thanks!
  6. I did a side mounted quad-120mm heatercore. Cut out the side panel for exhaust. (Side panel hasn't been filed smooth or had mesh applied yet here.) I then shifted the PSU up a bit and mounted this Lian Li hard drive rack on the bottom.
  7. It's SOMETIMES detected in the BIOS. Usually not. I can't figure out a pattern to it. It maybe just a case of bad cables. If so, I have spare ones from other builds. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Has anyone tried removing Arctic Alumina Adhesive? Yes, I know "CAUTION! Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive is a permanent adhesive. Any components you attach together with Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive will stay attached forever." I have heard to try freezing it and that should crack it. Has anyone else tried this or can confirm? The information does state: Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive should be kept cold and away from UV light (sunlight and florescent lighting). UV light would weak it as well? Any chemicals that would work? Thanks!
  9. *wacks* Dar-dar. The simplest things. Now how about this... Any reason why a SATA drive wouldn't be detected? I have a Raptor with the OS. When I plug in my new Raptor, it doesn't detect either one. I have to swap the SATA cables and it then detects them. SATA 1-4 are enabled and RAID is not configured yet. Why aren't my SATA HD's being consistently detected? :confused:
  10. I am trying to boot from CD... however, the keyboard won't work. :eek: 1) I can hit ESC and get to the Boot Select screen. However, my keyboard then doesn't work and I can't select anything. 2) I can enter the BIOS and set the primary boot to CD fine. However, it then goes to the second POST screen. It asks me to hit any key to boot from CD but my keyboard doesn't respond. It then says to hit Alt+Ctrl+Del to reboot, but keyboard still doesn't work. They keyboard works in XP, first POST screen, and BIOS. WTF is going on? I am using a MS Digital MediaPro keyboard via USB. The keyboard is constainly powered. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Yeah, use both PCIe for single 8800GTX. Doesn't really matter how you configure it in SLI. If the PSU can provide enough power to either or just one card, then you'll have problems any way.
  12. n4e, please clear your msgbox. It has reached its limit and I cannot contact you. I will put up the fan for sale again for now.
  13. Scythe Quiet Fan Model: AD1212DS-A73GL(6TCL7) Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm Speed: 800 rpm Noise: 12.8 dBA Airflow: 30.5 CFM Connection: 3-pin Power: 1.6w I am also throwing in a plastic fan guard as well. This fan was tested for 10 mins and works fine. Looking for $8 shipped.
  14. The 8800 series of cards do run hot. EVGA says under 100C and you are fine. Your issues are probably not caused by heat... maybe. Try remounting your heatsink with a clean application of AS5. I once did a poor TIM job and my card temp sensor was reporting 80C. I was artifacting and took off my HS to find a uncovered patch. That uncovered patch was overheating and causing the errors.
  15. The most common two pumps are the Liang D5 and the DDC-12v (both sold by Danger Den and Swiftech). There are two things you need to check for know there performance of a pump... flowrate and head. Flowrate value is the amount of water that it can move with zero restriction. Head is how hard/high the pump can push/lift water with 100% restriction. Actual performance will of course fall between the two points. Reservoir capacity doesn't matter as long as it fits inside your case. You can also use a T-line.
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