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  1. If you have got the room go with the Black Ice Pro III over the Xtreme 2 because it has more cooling power. The Xtreme 2 performance is rated for 1580KCal per hour (6270 BTU per hour) while the Pro III is rated for 1732.5 KCal per hour (6875 BTU per hour). But the Xtreme III is by far the best performance it’s rated for 2445KCal per hour (9702 BTU per hour), that about 50% more cooling.
  2. If you have got the money you should look at buy individual components. For your CPU you should go with the Swiftech APOGEE water block it has same outstanding performance as the Storm but is a lot less restrictive. The MCW30 Chipset water-block will fit nicely on your DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert motherboard even if you are running an Sli setup. Also the standard Lantparts chipset fan will become noisy and need replacing sometime, so why not get it out the way by replacing it now. If you want to water cool your videocard go for a Danger Den NV-78 water block for sure, just make sure you pay the extra $5 for Sli prep to make it future proofed. The pump, radiator and tubing are all good choices. Also if you buy any products from Danger Den there shipping to New Zealand is very fast, usually only 4 days to your door step.
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