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  1. yea actually i just ordered it so i don't have in my hands. i was just reading off some tech website reviews. i guess i'll have to get the actual temps for my rig to actually make a decision. i'll try to post em up later which probably will be in a week or so.
  2. i just got this card. should i replace the stock cooler? temps look pretty high on some reviews. i'm thinkin about artic cooling nv5 silencer.
  3. woo hoo i scored a 7800gtx for $210!!!! it's over my budget but i couldn't pass it up
  4. i think what you want you do is load xp onto raptor or watever your new hdd is going to be then transfer all the files on to the new drive. reformat the old then transfer those music files back. not sure but i don't think you can just uninstall an OS w/o losing the files too. but my way works for sure. it just takes time.
  5. i think you can score a 6600gt for under $100 nowadays.
  6. haha :shake: i was thinkin the same but like kobalt said i'd go for pro and stay 32bit for now
  7. what about www.pricegrabber.com ? great place to quickly check prices and different stores at once including big guys like newegg, monarch, zzf etc just my 2 cents. great thread.
  8. haha thanks guys for all the advices. i think i've looked at literally every case from newegg and i gave the thermaltake good hard thought but i'm in cali so i pay tax and shipping so TT armor case would have been more like 180 before rebate. my gf was gettin the case for my bday so i wanted to stay as close to $100 as possible. funny thing is i wasn't getting a much response and as soon as i got one the antec p160w, http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...06&loc=101&sp=1 i got all these replies. o well i got additional 10% off that price so i'm happy. thanx anyway... btw splave that's a nice lookin case and i gave the wave master a thought too but i wanted a window w/o having to mod later.
  9. lol with my budget i can barely afford the stacker itself. not going to spend another 30+ just to get a window. i'd rather get the thermaltake armor. i think super landboy's are a bit too small for my taste. i don't want to be frusted putting things together as it's my first build. but anyway looks like i'm gonna be going with the antec p160w. thanks for all the input
  10. stackers don't have windows...
  11. looks like no window on the stacker...i have a uv cathode so i want one w/ a window. thanks anyway
  12. cm = cooler master right? nice oc on ur opty btw.
  13. sweet. i was wondering how to make one of those sig banners. i'll be requesting one once i get all my parts picked out.
  14. i was going to get a raidmax x1 but the reviews seem mediocre so i thought i could to better. i'd like to find a case around $100. $150 absolute max. i prefer mid-tower with a side window. i have a cnps9500 so i want to make sure it's gonna fit in the case. if you guys have experience witht he same cooler and a certain case, ur advise would be appreciated. there are so many cases out ther it's making my head spin :shake: :confused: i thought some decent choices might be aspire x-cruiser, nzxt nexa, sunbeam trio. any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.
  15. yea i picked up most of those parts after some extensive research. i'll check out that bios when i get all my parts and put my rig together.
  16. hey thanks for the advice. i was thinking getting a couple bigger HDDs later on like min 200gb each. yea the 7800's out of my budget tho even tho i'd love to get em. but i'm just a casual gamer and big multitasker so i can do w/o top line vid cards...
  17. i'm building my first rig. (in sig) what bios should i use?
  18. Hey guys, building my first rig, parts i got so far are in my sig :shake: . trying to stay around my $1000 budget. i got a few questions about getting rest of my parts. As u can see i still need a vid card. i got about $150 for the card i was wondering what card i should be looking at. i don't mind getting a used one either so. i'm thinkin i can score a used 6800 gt or gs. any suggestions? also like i said it's my first build and i'm planning to OC as much as i can. am i gonna need a floppy drive for anything reason? and lastly this is for down to road (not enough money), wat good suggestions for a storage HDD? (ie. type, size, sataII?, raid?) thanks in advance.
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