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  1. so i'm good to install my OS? finally got my hdd today!!
  2. as you can see in my sig ihave a opty 165...but the memtest is showing x2 3800. is this a known bug in memtest? or is something really messed up here. btw the cpu is brand new oem from monarch.
  3. ****UPDATE**** ok i found some info on ocz forum and used the following settings In Genie Bios 200 auto 16 16 auto 100 disable 1.425v 1.300V above VID 110% 1.20v 1.50v 2.7V DRAM Config 200 enable 2 3 8 2 10 16 2 3 2 3 1168 auto (704-2BT bios does not have this setting) enabled auto 0 Level 8 (normal 4 in 704-2BT bios) Level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable i re-run memtest86+ with dual channel on orange slots. right before i had to go back to work (lunch time) i saw an error on test6! at about 50 mins into the test. the rams are running at 2-3-2-8 @ 2.7v. maybe like msmolt said i should give it several hours to break em in and retest.
  4. lol i was actually just searching around that forum. thanks for the recommanded thread. havn't seen that one yet.
  5. o man so many questions and i can't answer any as i am at work right now hahaha. yes i ran these at optimized settings i didn't change anything except i set the memory voltages at 2.8 from 2.6. i think the timings was 2.5-3-3-8. i don't remember which test it was in. i closed it so i guess i'll have to run it again. honestly seeing how so many pple have trouble even posting with dual channel i feel pretty blessed so far. but i'll update w/ answers to those specific questions as soon as i'm able to. o yea the proc settings were untouched btw. so stock voltage at 1.35(i think?) and htt 200 or watever the default is.
  6. I just put together my new rig (w/o hdd, still waiting for delivery). i use the initial build thread. everything boot up to bios fine. flashed bios to 704-2bta using tmod's bios cd. cleared cmos then ran memtest on 1 stick. no error. added 2nd stick. cleared cmos for a short time ran memtest w/ dual channel over night. when i checked this morning it was at 6+ hours and had ONE error. i'm kind of lost as to what to do now. i'll probably run 2nd stick by itself later today after work. besides that are there any troubleshooting i can do to get no errors w/ 2 dimms?
  7. doesn't really matter whether you use 2&4 or 1&3 as long as they work. The orange ones tend to work better than the yellow for most pple. if you use 1&2 that's using 2 dimms in SINGLE channel not dual. you must use the same color slots to run memory in dual channel.
  8. either are good choices. ocz and g.skill are probably top two right now in terms of rams.
  9. hey tech i just found this thread ironically enough it's by you http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...42&postcount=28 it looks like i'm more than convinced now. thanks!
  10. yea i agree with sorrento. you might also want to invest in artic cooling silencer so the air from the video card blows out of the case instead of directly at the chipset
  11. i guess running at 8x is better than having my chipset running at gazillion degrees.
  12. Can i put my 7800gtx card on the pci-e(bottom) slot? and will it run at pcie x16 or x2? i want to move the card to the lower slot if possible so the HUGE vid card won cover up half of my chipset fan.
  13. yea i'm pretty sure they're the same too. just a little paranoid b/c it's my first build and all i don't want to do anything stupid to blow anything up haha
  14. do sli-dr and ultra-d mobos use the same bios? i just received my mobo and they shipped the sli-dr instead of the ultra-d (goin to keep the sli-dr of course). anyways i was wondering if they used the same bios. i have the tmod's bios cd. the screen shot seems to show either the expert or the regular nf4 lanparty(ultra-d).
  15. if you have a DMM you can use the link to test your rail voltages on your psu. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...072&postcount=1
  16. well u can't have everything i guess...after all it's only 80 dollars shipped.
  17. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...65827&loc=32767 pretty good deal imo o yea i forgot to mention it's Seagate so 5yr warranty.
  18. i think you're supposed to end memtest yourself. like prime95...
  19. sli is running two identical video cards at the same time. if you want to use it u need the proper sli ready motherboard and power supply unit. i'm sure you can search it for more details. well if you're gonna overclock ddr 500 is the better choice. if not no need to spend the extra money for them.
  20. sweet setup teklord. ur dual 20in lcd and ur 50in? flat panel's makin me a lil jealous... hey dab u shoulda killed the flash on that last pic. it's BRIGHT! either way seems like ur rig is pretty similar to one i'm building(in sig). still waitin on the mobo and the opty to be delivered...maybe you can help me hook up the front panel to the mobo later...looks like it's easy to mistake usb and ieee connections. :confused:
  21. o yeah another thing make sure you check out the power supply thread. make sure you get enough watts and is compatible w/ dfi mobo and ur vid card. psu thread here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854
  22. nice choice on the mobo assuming that you're not going to sli of course(even tho u can mod it). for ram u can get pretty much any ddr. ddr 400, 500. higher ddr's start w/ high clocks so easier to oc. also i think you'll want to get rams w/ cas 3 or lower. OCZ's are good and G.skill hz's seem to be a pretty popular choice these days to.
  23. haha yea i was just kidding about that extra dollar... at 9 dollars i can't complain at all and i'm sure they've been selling em like hotcakes ever since they started carrying them.
  24. nice store and tutorial vid angry. got me the evercool and some AS5. they're actually less than TWO miles from where i am!!! haha so in-store pick to save some more on shippin too. great deal! too bad i didn't get in on it when it was 7.95... used the link in ur sig of course
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