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  1. yea i tried w/ lower voltage yesterday and it failed at about 4hrs so...crossing my fingers this time i don't want to have my cpu running at 1.58v for too long
  2. if you don't have another psu to test w/ you can try unplugging some parts like ur optical drive and stuff
  3. turning off sounds like it could be the psu crapping out esp if you're running stock. heat is obviously not your problem. when i OC to 3ghz i'm hittin mid 50's on air and no bsod or shutting down anything like that
  4. i think it's better to run higher dividers with little looser timings. i'm actually doing the same thing right now. as u can see we have the same chip. i'm running 150mhz divider at 3-3-3-5. and these are 2-3-2-5 ddr400 stock.
  5. well if your dfi's on that 8a rail probably not. you should connect all connectors on the board.
  6. lol i can barely get my ddr400's to run at 250. but anways i think i got 3006mhz stable. i had 7hr prime stable when i left for work this morning. hopefully nothing went wrong in an hr.
  7. wow 9th out of 10!!! your parents must of had a helluva time raising you guys :eek2: nive volt mod oc on dat 7900gt btw
  8. haha yup. i'm just gonna give it a lil more juice tonight. i'm already running mid 50's so i don't want it running too much hotter and that'll be it for me unless i upgrade cooling down the road. hopefully i can run at 2.7-2.8 nice and cool on stock volts.
  9. or hm...this is a toughy. that blackhole img looks nice but i think i like the other one's fonts and setup better. thanks you two. you guys are awesome.
  10. haha yea blazing california summer weather isn't helping that's for sure. i'm keepin the AC on just keep my ambient temps down...well i'm just doing this to see if i can. the moment i can get a ocdb i'd bring it down. so this is pretty much all for show.
  11. hahahaha i actually like it. i'll wait for blick his new one and see which i like better. but this is pretty nice! thanks.
  12. yea nothing's in auto and i tried again during lunch and still no dice. wont boot w/ anything below the 150mhz divider. unfortunately when i check the prime it failed at 4 hrs on 3006hmz :sad: sigh... how much voltage can i give this chip? i'm at 1.55 right now i think? i know you can't go much higher esp on air cooling. can i crank it to 1.6?
  13. yea it's kinda weird but when i drop the divider it doesn't want to boot into windows...i don't and can't see why but it happens :confused:
  14. hahaha unfortunately my bankroll wont allow for that. thanks thunda. ::edit:: holy crap thunda, i just noticed you have a 1kw psu in your sig! :drool: :drool: :drool: hahahaha
  15. thanks tasr. i'm really happy w/ my oc considering what i'm working with. trying to stablize 3G's right now. but i can get it to prime for my life haha. i think it's my ram. i need to hit about 250mhz but it looks like it can only handle about 245-257 (DOH!) lol i upped the voltages last night so at least it boots now w/ 3ghz but i think in the end my ram's gonna do me in and i'll end up at 2997mhz MAX hey if i can get 2997(333*9) stable can i still get into ggg or does it have to be 3 on the money.
  16. well i guess like 3d-rendered image like miggs78 or a cartoon(like family guy? since so many have the simpsons already)/anime(like non-female characters from bleach or naruto) theme :: o yea, i made some minor updates on my sig::
  17. yea i kno what you mean by that whole ram deal. i can't get 3ghz to be stable b/c my ram can't keep up. i sure wish i would have gotten some ddr500's.
  18. hey that looks pretty nice but i'm not really diggin that background image. is there another theme you can try? thanks i really appreciate this.
  19. praz wow...u already pretty much pwn all :drool: and you're going to top yourself :eek: although i wonder how much further an opty 165 can go. i imagine not too farther than where ur at. and i hope you meant powerstream 520 if powerstream 600 can't handle then ur rig is a wattage eating monster!
  20. yea i tried 3ghz on current voltage and no go...but i did tighten up memory timings just ever so slightly lol. i'll try to boost some voltage so i can get in to GGG! :cool: :nod: haha. then i guess my fun will be all over and try to max out w/ stock voltage. thanks for all the tips and comments.
  21. yea at 1.45v you should have more than enough voltage to crank to at least 2.6ghz depending on your stepping. check this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...highlight=tmods use his cd it has bunch of useful bios and other stuff. just boot to the cd. i'm not sure where to get the 704-2bta bios itself b/c i got it off tmod's cd. you're at where i was about a week ago :nod: this was my first rig/OC as well. neways good luck!
  22. yea i'm not sure if i trust myself enough to risk the removal even w/ the tutorial vid maybe i'll try some casemodding to add some more fans and reseating the hsf. also i still got my nv silencer i have yet to install on my gpu card. blowing the air out instead of inside and around the case will help drop a couple degrees i hope. 7800 gtx's sure do run hot. o yea i'm not really planning to push it any further. although i might try 3ghz just to see if it can but i probably wont keep it there even if it does :nod:
  23. haha either way i wouldn't want to be the one to turn happy_games back to angry_games.
  24. haha yea thanks. i got it done real quick. i was scared angry would catch it and yell at me about it. neways it's up. i tried image shack but it wouldn't load(never done it probably was doin it wrong somehow). so i ended up resizing. lil bit hard to read but still legible. my temps are 53cpu, 64pwmic, 43chipset btw. i know that's a little high for the cpu temps. should i bring the clock down? i'm thinkin about removing the ihs to bring it below 50 hopefully...any suggestions?
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