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  1. haha that's what i've been doing finally putting my rig to actual use. after years of using my POS dell, playin cs source and splinter cell looks/runs freaking amazing!!!! :drool: :drool: well done timmay on the 3g!
  2. tried that. i'm afraid it's hardware problem...i guess i'm gonna be stuck using marvell. i've searched the forum about this topic(seems like it happens to the mass) read and tried just about all of em. i don't feel like going through rma hassels unless they both go out on me i guess. o well this might be a dumb noob question but wat does dual gigabit lan do? i tried searchin but no adequate answer found. i'm guessin it's like hyperthreading lan connections?
  3. dahh...i tried still no go...thanks anyway... anyone else???
  4. finally got some pics off my camera and got my lazy butt to upload them. well it's pretty much stock so nothing too special. hoping to get some casemod done later this summer enjoy/comment/critique. (my friends letting me borrow his 1905fp monitor so dual monitor action. SWEET! ) No lights just plain ol view: Some UV lighting:
  5. it was working fine then suddenly it stopped working. it keeps on stelling me network cable is unplugged. i've isolated all the parts like router and cable. seems to be the network controller that's the problem. i've enabled marvell that seems to be working fine(using internet on that comp right now). any ideas? or did it just crap out on me...
  6. very nice old guy. i love how you have parts lying around everywhere on your couch and etc. lol
  7. hahaha actually my diet's very weird. i don't eat veggies so basically all i eat are carbs and protein. i can't drink...my body doesn't seem to like it very much. i just have a really good metabolism. i think most girls would kill to have my metabolism
  8. enzyme just curious is there legroom on that desk? looks like it's just full of drawers. but nonetheless very nice. function, nice lil windowm mod you might want to get a filter tho if one of those fans are intakes.
  9. haha i better board up my windows and bolt up my door! jees sounds like praz wouldn't even care. might as well go for his. hahaha o man my gf already thinks i'm the biggest geek in the world w/ my comp/oc jibberish. i have a feeling she wouldn't be too thrilled about my power tool projects. btw i'm just a tall and lightweight asian kid so i'm not sure how well i can pull of that "plumber" look.
  10. hahahah that is freaking SWEET! what is that connected to tho? like a shopvac or even better a AC UNIT??? lol
  11. lol that's hilarious. i don't know if i have that kind of love for my hardware yet. although i'd be pretty sad if my cpu blew on a side note i can't get 3ghz prime stable for my life! 6.5hrs prime stable(you gotta be KIDDING me!) flowerking i hate you haha
  12. all i got for a tool is a drill set(putting together furnitures)...i just came out of college not too long ago so havn't had much use for tools yet. time to start shopping at home depot and start becoming a man! haha that's awesome molt. too bad i live in an apt i'd have to supply a box of those to my entire unit.
  13. yeah that's almost pathetic...i mean if you don't got it then you don't got it. just like my rig right now i can easily boot up at 3006mhz no problem. i've been workin my arse off to get prime stable on this so i can put up an entry and get on ggg but i dunno i got prime 6.5 hrs so far :sad: haha GRRRRR!!! it's killin me but not ready to give up just yet :nod: ::edit:: i did manage to find my max for stock voltage. ocdb entry comin up soon. at least i kno what i'll be running 24/7 at. and i say not too shabby i LOVE my chip!!!
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