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  1. that thread was where sticks werent detected due to different spd's, my sticks all run the same spd so are detected ok. my drive strength is set to 8 and the drive level? is level 3 i managed to adjust some other settings, this is what a64tweak says now: so im stuck on Tref. unsure how to put drive strength to strong (strongest possible). what idle cycle limit should be, 16 or 256 ?
  2. currently im set to 2-2-2-6 and most of the rest are on auto heres what cpuz and a64 tweaker say: its 4x256mb, 10x270, 183 divider. obivously i want to keep the ones ive already set, but the rest i want set to something thats reasonable and stable. thnx
  3. any need for that? a suggested reply from someone how to fix your ram problem and another reply from someone that fixed it the same way doesnt deserve a roll eyes....................
  4. woohoo, excellent news, i flashed my kingston with the spd's from my twinmoss and now all 4 sticks are detected :D x-seed i suggest you do the same, it works a treat. i flashed the kingston because they had serial numbers where the twinmoss didnt, so didnt want 4 sticks with the same serial numbers as it might cause problems?
  5. flashed the spd's and now all 4 are detected!!!!! details here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55088
  6. currently 2.9v, tried 3.3v, has no effect. bios and windows sees 512mb, cpuz see's all sticks and says 1024
  7. every other board always took the slowest spd setting and used that as default. this is just wierd in that it doesnt support 3 or 4 dimms.
  8. correct, the spd is not the same, kingston = 2-2-2-6, twinmoss = 2.5-3-3-8. both like to be set to 2-2-2-5 manually though. @msmolt, id be seeing other problems if the psu wasnt powerful enough.
  9. disable or auto, makes no difference, still shows 512mb. mixing ram? its all original winbond BH5 i cant even use a 512 stick with a pair of 256's like i did on my old board and run in single channel. i need 1gig in this pc, 512 is pointless me even using it :/ i tried this bios as well: Date Code 2005/03/10 File NF4LD310.zip and still only 512mb shows
  10. just installed this board today and it doesnt like 4x256mb bh5, it only shows 512mb installed. i downloaded dfi's latest bios but it didnt help. which bios supports 4 dimms and actually uses them? btw both pairs work ok and all dimms work fine singlely.
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