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  1. Hey thx guys for the input very helpful
  2. alright modifications to profile will be added hey thnks for the suggestions anyone else?
  3. All right everyone here may think im stupid but IM new to Dfi and im new to the overclocking world I am going to buy the dfi expert to oc My opteron 165 The only problem is i dont know what psu to buy I was wondering if anyone had a listing of compatable psus I have an accrylic case and was looking at the ultra 550 watt uv psu I was wondering is this compatable. im looking for performance and airflow And modular power supplies help with the airflow but what about performance? I know that Uv psu's dont usually add up yo non uv power supplies but it would help my rig look awsome. But I am more conmcerned about performance so looks dont really matter If any one had some input i would love to hear it thx here is a link of the psu i was looking at http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_detai...7&productID=420 or http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_detai...3&productID=387 or any other suggestions? thx -David23
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