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  1. Ok new Problem..It wasn't shut down but when I turned the monitor on the screen was black and moving the mouse or hitting keys did nothing and I had to reboot
  2. Yep it is still on! Thx man seems those settings are working for me
  3. Well I left it on overnight and it was still on in the morning. Now the test will be if it stays on while im away at work Thx Wevsspot
  4. Ok why is my Chipset fan speeding up then slowing down all the time??
  5. Ok I will try those and see what happens thx for that info man
  6. ok im running stock and I set my Dram Settings and Genie settings to this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ghlight=mushkin clerc1
  7. Ok I Installed SiSoft Sandra 2007 pro and when I try to run the Enviroment monitor the computer shuts down. Ok when I try to go to Hardware-Processors- It shuts down When I go to Hardware-Mainboard- It shuts down I am able to view "Computer Overview" It says my FSB speed = 2x1005mhz(2010) is that right?
  8. Thx anywaus According to MBM5 my CPU temp= 31c PWMIC=37c NF4 Chipset=47c Vcore+VID=1.33 LDT Volt=1.18 DRAM=2.58 Chipset Volt=1.49 +3.3 Rail=3.25 +5 Rail= 4.91 +12 Rail= 12.47
  9. Yea Power scheme is always on..hibernation off..I looked in Bios but I couldn't see anything that would make it shut off..any ideas?
  10. Ok im bumping this thread to becuase I am having the same issues with my SLI-DR Expert.
  11. Hi just finished my comp last week and It wont stay on. Like it will run good for hours of gaming and stuff..but as soon as I go to sleep or leave and come back from work it is off. Any Ideas what it could be? It has never shut off on me while Ive been using it..only when its idle.
  12. Can someone point me in the right direction to get my PC500 RAM running with my Opty 165? I downloaded the guide off of here but havent had time to sit down and read through it yet. This is my Exact RAM. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146397 Also How high can I overclock the processor with the stock heatsink? Its one of those nice ones with the Copper pipes and stuff.
  13. My rin is complete enough to run and I havent started Tweaking yet but so far so good
  14. Ok is there a super advantage to having 512RAM vs 256RAM? Or does the 512 card only really show its true potential if you are running at resolutions over 1600x1200? I mean if I run games at say 1280x1024 with a high end 256 card can I still turn on all eye candy? I wanna wait for DirectX10 cards and dont want to blow all the money on 2 7900GTX's atm. Also can I run a ATI card (single) in a SLI-DR Expert? Probably a stupid question since its a PCIE card but the whole nforce4 chipset is making me think it only supports Nvidia cards..but it probably only affects the use of SLI or crossfire right? Sorry if these questions are dumb but I ve been out of the scene for over 4 years.
  15. Umm ok but I have a SLI-DR Expert Board..that suports crossfire???? Let me rephrase that..it can support 1 x1900xt? And what is everyones thoughts on the new 7950GTX's?
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