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  1. Lo all, Just thought I would ask around as to what the best RAM is for these boards, and why you think it. I have a feeling that a notable ammount of my boards problems are RAM related. Jaz_knos
  2. Enjoy the new sig, tad on the pointless side, but twg. Jaz
  3. Lo! TVM for the advice y'all, just got a replacement BIOS chip thru, thanks to the lovely guys at DFI Tech support in the Netherlands, Kudos unto you! Tried it in, and it gave me the exact same thing as every other time. Totally stripped down running: MoBo, HDD, RAM, GFX, PSU, CPU+cooler and it still didnt do anything. 4LED's from power on, and no change atall. The HDD did spin up, but thats just due to power being applied to it, reet? On the origional rig before all this nasty ness started: It was running with 3 SATA HDD's, OS on SATA-1, managed to get it up running briefly with the second board, with one of the 3 HDD's. it was more or less empty at the time of the nasty-ness so just re-formatted it, and installed XP. That went down within a day, not to be heard from again. Will inform the guys from tech support, Any other ideas, yell stuff at us would be V lovely! Jaz_knos edit, Sorry abotu the lack of Sig, will add one ASAP. Bit pointless IMBO, my rig is about as much use as a plastic hamburger in the data processing stakes
  4. Lo! I bought a second board to try gettign my rig to run when my LANPARY went fubar. It worked for a while, but then went fubar also. I have a feeling it might be that the MoBo may have damaged one of my components and that this is causing problems with other boards. My temp replacement board was the AsRock K7NF2-RAID. I have just got a dirt cheap pc off of E-bay too tide me over till I get this all sorted out. CONTACT TECH SUPPORT they are about the best people to talk too, and they are being nice enough to send me out a new BIOS chip in the hopes that will sort it out. Was it the HDD LED that came on for a lil while, or the power, or both, or neither?? Do you have a multimeter to check the rails with?? Might be worth spending the £5 just too see. Dont spose you want to swap soem of your non-shiney LED's with some of mine that just wont go off?? i'm sure that will help somehow! BTW, the POST LED's are just too keep us Geeks happy, they dont represent what is actually going on within the board to any notable extent. Geeks + Shiney flashy lights = <3 They, at best, give a VERY GENERAL idea of where things be going wrong. Other than that it is a VERY rough indicator of any difficulties. E-mail to tech support about The K7NF2-RAID was: Hello. After installing the new motherboard the system seemed very unstable. It crashed during the WinXP install, but recovered and finished the installer. I installed the basics (board, graphics and display drivers). This setup still remained quite unstable, crashing every couple of hours for no obvious reason (the powersupply is stable and the temperatures all low) On the evening after the install, I returned to the setup to find that it had crashed again. I rebooted and the system was totally un-responsive. The fans spin up and he HDD activity LED comes on and remains lit for around 60sec, then goes out. It makes no attempt to boot, nothing to indicate any further activity atall. Have tried running with minimal components, and (board)underclocked settings. I have also tried re-setting the BIOS. None of my attempts have had any effect atall and the system remains unresponsive. Personally I am of the opinion that the board is broken, as it has had troubles from the moment I installed it. Please could you suggest anything else I could try, as I have run out of ideas. Alternatly could you organise for my board to be replaced. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks for your time. Richard Jarrett
  5. Lo! I dont think that they will do an RMA upgrade, but talk to the tech support, as they are VERY helpful and without a doubt the best I have ever dealt with. The solution seems to be the same every time: you get lucky and your board comes back to life, or you get a new board one way or another. Best of luck, not that it will help much. Jaz
  6. Lo! You would be a lot better off asking this stuff in the 64 bit threads, as us ppl with 32 bit systems are "out of date" Best way to get to understand "graphics card lingo" and the like is to do as much research as you can. Read as many reviews from un-biast sites as you can, you will pick it up after a lil while. and if you are building a gaming rig you sure as hell need to know whats going inside. The other advantage with learning all this for your self is you dont get other peoples bias's. If they have a thing for (lets say) ATI, where in all honasty NVidia would be better, then you may get some cruddy advice. Learn it your self. it will help you no end when assemballing your pc and sorting out the enevitable mishaps that will arise. (btw, DFI boards are good, but for some of the high end rigs they are laggin behind a lil bit. Dont block out all other board manufacturers just because.) Jaz_knos ps, best of luck on your new rig
  7. Lo All! New to the Fourms, Wish it were under better circumstances. I have a DFI LANParty NF2 B that has recently shown me those 4 lovely LED's of doom, and sod all else. Quote (From E-mail to DFI Tech Support in the Netherlands) " The problem started after a full (physical) clean of my system, in which all components were removed and cleaned with Isopropanol. Whilst out of the case all static sensitive components were placed on anti-static foam. After re-assembling my system in same hardware configuration as before the clean, it refused to boot correctly. It would begin the boot as far as "Initializing Super IO" according to the POST LED's and then hang there permanently. I tried using a minimal configuration of RAM, HDD and Graphics only but it still refused to boot. I have tried BIOS Resets, Long (overnight) BIOS Resets, running with minimal equipment etc all with no success. On the last attempt with minimal hardware all 4 POST LED's came on and remained on without any sign of response at all. Have inspected the board for any damage and none is obvious. Bought an ASRock K7NF2RAID Motherboard to run my system in the mean time. Suffered from random instability, resetting its self seemingly at random. Managed to install XP onto the blank HDD and after about 6 hours running stably it crashed out and has remained unresponsive since. Am concerned that in the process of breaking (or whatever it has done) it may have damaged one or more of my other components. All components are running at stock speeds for the board, and have never been overclocked. This exact hardware configuration has been working fine for me for about 12 months, and I have had the board since Aug 04 " So now you know whats happened, and I can say with some conficance that my MoBo is FUBAR at the moment. Not happy bout's it. Hopefully tech-support will be kind enough to send me a new BIOS chip out, and if not to do me an RMA on my board (phoned them and thats what they said so one does hope) I've only got 5 weeks left for RMA so I hope I get my answer one way or another quite quickly. Any Suggestions from anyone atall would be most appreciated. Best of luck to those of you who also have the LED's of doom.... Perhaps we should get some T-shirts for our club?! Jaz_knos
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