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  1. Yeh i might try a tripple rad. Although i would only be cooling a CPU and nothing else. Buying a dremel tommrow going to start working on getting cableing sorted behind the motherboard tray ect. Will also be doing the same with the TT Mambo case lol. If you want some pics of my dremel work, which will be my first i will send you some . Have you routed your wires behind the mobo tray.. I will be using a Corsair 620W PSU, so its flat cables will be a bonus . Im just worried about my 45CM SATA cables coming from the top hdd cage.
  2. Nice work, Does the RAD still work good with it being at the bottom of the case. I might be putting a watercooling kit in my normal TT Armour case, But i might use a tripple rad and i dont fancey loosing all my drives bays ect.
  3. Bump need to sell this quick to pay for my E6300.
  4. Hi, Im selling my AMD opteron 144 as you can see. It's in near new condition its about 8 months old and had about 6 months of light use. I never overclocked this but i was told people have hit atleast 2.8Ghz with this stepping the stepping is CABE2E 054CPAW. It is fully working. Comes with full box and heatsink and i will throw in some akasa thermal paste and a lanparty sticker . I prefer paypal. I will ship worldwide. For the UK im looking for £75 inclduing Postage and packaging. For the US $145 including postage and packaging. I may come down on the price you never know. Im also willing to trade for a Core duo 2 or maybe something else. So PM me . My ebay dj_mayhem_junglist is but i have no feedback as i havent sold anything on it. I have put a peice of paper with my dfi street login name ect to show im legit and a good seller . Tell me if you want more pictures . Thanks.
  5. I tried those settings off those forums and the ones tasr posted and both showed up errors now i cant find the darn recipt to rma this ram.
  6. Well its doing the same thing on test 5 i have 437 errors so far. So im thinking it might not be a setting. But any idea why the ram has gone like this it has been used for about 2 months. Could it be my board or the actual ram ? BTW Could i run some very cheap ram while my other ram is RMA i have to RMA the ram. As i have quite a bit of stuff for my clan to do. The sticks are pc2100 i think and are ddr333 im guessing. They are value cheap ram
  7. I havent overclocked any thing the ram is running at what ever the board set it to as i didnt change none of the timings or anything to do with ram or cpu in the bios only boot settings. Im shure there must be settings to get this working as i would of thought about 30% of people with DFI NF4 boards are running this G.Skill ram.
  8. Hi, Are there not some settings i need to change in bios for the timings ?. Im not the best person for all this overclolcking stuff so i dont know how to do it.
  9. Ermm just ran memtest and with 8 seconds it got 152 errors . I ran memtest when i got the ram and it was fine ran memtest for 12 hours when i first got it. I havent changed any ram stuff in the bios so what shall i do ?
  10. Ive been folding for this team past few days when ive been asleep my first time using folding at home hehe. But i might aswell. Will set my other pc up when i fix it.
  11. Im running prime now and i did run Memtest and prime before i installed xp when i first built the system. My drivers for chipset are 6.86 i hope they are the right ones for my board http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html and im using omega gfx drivers latest ones.
  12. :mad: Hi all, My pc has deiced to mess up today. First BF2 kept closing then cs keep closing now the pc randomley reboots. I have scanned for viruses using kaspersky and spyware using Spybot serach and destory and MS Defender and adaware. Had some spyware but got rid of it. My reboots randomley normally when switching to another window. It isnt over heating i think as i have MBM5 installed justr and i have checked temps. The rig is the spec in my sig i have taken the IDE drive out but no luck. So please help im really annoyed this is happening. I have the 6.89 or what ever drives for my chipset. Plus Ntune wont install. :mad: please helpppp
  13. Hi, Im having trouble with booting into windows. Its happened since i added the IDE hard drive to my setup. Windows runs off the raid 0 setup. When i boot up it says boot faliur and to select a boot device. So i reboot the pc and select the Raid 0 setup to boot from and it boots fine. I have set my boot option in the bios to 1.DVD Rom 2.Hard Disk And i have entered the raid bios and set my raid setup to boot from them selves when starting up. I dont want to loose any data off my disks what so ever. So please help. I cant really explain this as im really confused.
  14. Hmm well this is what i have done now, I have Backed up all my data then remove the two 250GB hard drives from raid and then reformated my windows partition and reinstalled it using a diffrent xp cd with out updates. And it seems fine now I will back up my files onto my IDE 250GB hard drive now and leave the SATAII 250GB hard drives out of raid for now.
  15. You got any pictures ?, And would you ship to the UK.
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