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  1. Thanx for the sig once again bud.
  2. Thanx for the sig Mr. Thread-Starter!
  3. nope no other software temp monitoring except mbm5...and i've been using the bios for temp reporting since this happened... However, i did what Praz said, and turned all on/off settings to the lowest settings, and the fans roared up and are both spinning....sweet deal....its very cold in my house, that prolly had something to do with the fans not coming on....thanx guy, ill let you know if anything changes.
  4. Hey, thanx for quick reply...in pc health section i just had the default loaded...never was a problem til now...i understand that using the 3 to 4 pin adapters will rectify this, but why is it doing it in the 1st place, and all of a sudden? thanx.
  5. Hey fellas...the other day i noticed by cpu fan (AMD stock hsf) wasnt spinning at all, yet MBM5 always reports aorund the same temps for it, like 26C idle and 30C under load...so i restarted the computer and watched, as it starts up, it spins, then once it posts, it stops, and periodically during normal operation, it will spin, stop, spin, stop...it spins for maybe 3 secs at a time.... So figuring it was the cpu fan that was dying, i swapped it out with another amd stock hsf that i know works....same thing, spin, stop, spin, stop....so now im confused...i restarted a couple times, then i go into the bios and check the PC Health section and notice, now my chipset fan (Evercool VC-RE) is 0RPM as well!!! What in the world is going on here....Chipset fan spins up on startup, and then stops at the same time as the cpu fan, but it never spins up again....i do have all 4 power plugs plugged into the mobo...i've never had any problems....i figure i can get some 3 to 4 pin adapters and run the fans directly off the PSU, but thats not really a solution....Any ideas out there? I'd really appreciate some help, Thank you. BTW: every other fan in the computer, the psu fans, the case fans run fine, the computer operates fine, dvd drives hard drives etc....just this chipset and cpu fan spinning problem.
  6. I have it, it has the 8 pin power, and it comes with an adapter to accomodate a 4 pin plug...i believe its the only one on the list that has everything the Expert mobo needs...its a great psu, my voltages are rock solid.
  7. There's a huge thread in the "Street Tutorials" section that shows u exactly how to do it...I did it with solder, but most use a conductive ink pen... Only difference with the newer ultra-ds is the fact that they put epoxy over the points u have to bridge...i used an xacto knife and scraped it off and was cake from there...good luck. Here it is: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10736 P.S. make sure u get the right size sli bridge for ur 6600gts....the ultra-d only has 1 space between pci e slots, so u cant use the sli bridge that comes with the expert board or most asus mobos, i got mine here: http://www.us.ncix.com/products/index.php?...52418&sku=14958
  8. That mobo is a good choice, u can mod it to SLi fairly easily too...Nice PSU choice too, should help a lot... Dont get put off my the ram timings, its nada...cinch even... You shouldnt flash the bios unless u need to, follow the build guide in the tutorials section and u should be smooth sailing.
  9. I have the same psu and mine never dips below 12.47V on the 12V rail and 5.16V on the 5V rail...ever....or that i've noticed.
  10. Yeah all i did was install the chipset drivers and then sp2 and usb 2.0 worked...i have the same chipset drivers 6.70.
  11. Well...cant u just push ur hdd in more and mount it deeper towards the front of case? or does ur case not have the room? You're lucky that Value ram is workin at all, the orange slots are what is recommended...
  12. How does ur video card or cards give u ide cable problems in ur case? Which slots are 1 and 3? i dunno off the top of my head.
  13. My temps went down considerably too after i got the same mobo as you, sounds normal... You cant use 3 dimms, u can use 1, 2 or 4....as far as which slots...use either both yellows or both oranges....orange is what is recommended. On the ultra-d in order to enable sli...u have to mod the chipset...a physical mod...look in the tutorials section to get a better understanding....after that yes u move the jumpers and each pcie slot will run at 8X...if u dont have two 6600gts or u dont do the sli mod, then put ur 6600gt in the top pcie slot itll run at 16X. I dunno anything about active armor, sorry.
  14. Run memtest on each stick of ram individually....
  15. Its in the geneie bios, under pci express conguration, being that u have the expert, u wanna change the pci e slots as x8-nc-x4-x8
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