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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for not responding quicker. Okay, I decided it's definately not Opera. It was running slowly on and off for a few days, but sometimes when I check, like right now (200mb), it's using much more and going very smoothly. The reason I suspected Opera is becuase it was the thing that showed up as using the most in Tast Manager (and no, there was nothing else unusual in there. Would a worm or something show up in there for sure?). Now I am led to believe that there might be something else, such as Malware or a worm (as Mack mentioned) on my computer, although I haven't been getting anything else unusual on my computer, and whatever it is hasn't been active in the last day or two.
  2. Heyhey, I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to stop Opera from using so much memory? I thought it might be a memory leak, but it could just as easily not be. Before building this system, I used to use Firefox and I could have like 30 tabs opened and still run smoothly...on a P4 processor with 512 memory. And that was with a bunch of firefox extensions added on. Now, my system should be much better, but I only have 2-10 tabs open at a time in Opera and it starts slowing down like crazy. I thought it might be my internet connection, but when I check Task Manager, it seems as if Opera is using more power than it needs. Right now, it's using 80-94mb of memory with 7 tabs opened - none of them on pages with java, flash, or anything else major going on. Is this normal? Plus, the other day, I left my computer on for a while with Opera and some other programs opened, and when I came back, my computer was complaining that Iit had run out of memory and it was closing programs to increase the size of the virtual memory. This strikes me as weird becuase I now have 2gb of ram and a fast processor. Surfing the internet and downloading something should not cause my system so many problems. Especially if I'm not even active on the computer. Anyone have similar experiences with Opera? I'm thinking about just switching back to firefox, but I've kind of become fond of Opera. Or perhaps the problem isn't Opera at all? I don't really know what else could be making my system run out of memory and load pages so slowly on Opera.
  3. I would contact the cable company (or your isp provider) first. I just recently had problems with my cable modem, and I got a tech guy from the cable company to look at our setup. It turns out the problem was with the connectors the cable company put in to set up our internet, years ago. These connecors had broken in old age, and caused us lag for weeks before finally failing completely. However, my family had no way of knowing any of this because as residents of an apartment building, we were unable to access the areas where the cable company set up all these connectors. It might be different with houses, but I really couldn't tell you. Even if it *is* your modem, I would still get the tech guy to come look at your setup. I don't know about your company, but with mine, it's free to have them come visit, and for all you know, they could either put in another modem that works or they could find something else entirely as the root of the problem. Good luck. Raeth
  4. Hey, Sorry for taking so long to respond. My internet has gone down and won't be back for a few days. (I'm at a friend's now). My SyncMaster is an LCD moniter. I have the computer speakers and the computer itself near the moniter (which has fans in it). They were in the same place when I had the x64 OS in it, but I can try moving them and see what happens. Also, the refresh rate is 75 hertz. It was one of the first things I thought of when the screen was bothering me, but I think 75 hertz should be fine. Thanks again for the help! Oh, and subbing in a different moniter is one thing I haven't tried. I might be able to steal my brother's moniter for a while, but it'll be hard to get him off WoW long enough hehe.
  5. Yes, I just checked and it's on very tight on both sides.
  6. I erased them in BIOS because I couldn't boot to Windows
  7. Yes, I actually had to completely erase my harddrives and then install Windows X32.
  8. Hey, I don't know if this is the wrong section, but none of the others seemed right to post this. After getting my system, I installed WinXP x64 as a trial, adn the picture on my moniter was great - crisp and clear. However, due to some problems with the 64-bit Windows, I decided to revert back to the X32 version I had, and when I did so, I noticed the screen didn't look nearly as nice, and the letters even looked a bit blurry. At first, I just blew it off, thinking that maybe it was because I was substituting in a 6500gt instead of my 7900gt, and it just appeared worse to me. However, I have just installed an X1800xt and the problem is still here. I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster moniter. I can't stand having blurry letters on my screen. I've tried tweaking with some moniter settings but I think I just made it worse. I don't think it's a problem with my video card. I'm wondering if anyone else might be able to help me get my picture crisp and clear again? Thanks a lot. Sorry if this is in the wrong section!
  9. For that price, you can buy either an nvidia 7900gt or an ati 1800xt. I don't claim to be an expert, but I've recently done some research for my own video card, and it seems that both perform pretty equally at stock levels, however, the 7900 is a superior card when overclocked. There have been issues with overclocked versions, but if you spend about $20 more than your pre-mentioned budget, you can get the Evga 7900gt KO, which is overclocked and it comes with a better cooler than most 7900gts do, which is good becuase lack of adequate cooling seems to be the source of problems for a lot of the overclocked versions. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you do some research on both before deciding. ATI tends to produce better picture quality, but the 7900gt has 24 pixel pipelines instead of the 1800's 16 and tends to produce more fps. I can't really tell you which one to get, but those are your options. Good luck.
  10. Hey everyone, Thanks for all the replies. In response to the last two posts - I'm not really sure why you are reccomending that I buy crossfire-compatible cards. I only have an Ultra-D mobo, so crossfire isn't going to help me, unless I upgrade my entire system, which I wasn't really planning on doing any time very soon. If I were to go for a 1600xt or 7600gt...I originally mentioned the 7600gt becuase I had thought it performed better than the 1600....but perhaps I only thought that becuase people tend to lump together the 1600pro and 1600xt? I'm really torn right now. My tight budget tells me to go easy on it and get the 7600 or 1600, but I dunno, it's only about $50-70 more for an 1800, which I suppose isn't *that* much more for a good jump in performance. If anyone has any last words, let me know soon. I need to order this today. At this rate, I'll have to pick eeny-meenie-minie-moe style.
  11. Raeth

    Endless Reboot

    Okay, So here's the issue as it stands now: As I suspected, EZArmor firewall by Computer Associates *was* causing the problems I mentioned, which occured in loading windows XP 34bit version (not in installation). I really don't know why my firewall would prevent me from booting and loading all my settings in Windows, but I went into safe mode and disabled startup of the firewall at boot, and after that, Windows booted smoothly in normal mode. I'm kind of scared to reenable it, even after boot now, since I don't know why it's causing so many problems for my OS. If I have to switch to another firewall now, I guess it won't be a huge loss, becuase this one comes free with my internet service. Perhaps I'll look into the Zonealarm option now.
  12. Hey, So to add to my series of posts about the things I've screwed up, I have now managed to kill my video card and void it's warrenty in the process. As a result, I need to get a new one, but I don't really feel like spending anohter $300 on a video card, so I need advice on where my step down should take me. I'm a gamer, so usually, I would need a card that can handle all the games I want to play, but lately, I've been busy with other things and my gaming has been very light. Therefore, top of the line might not be neccesary for some months to come, and I'm thinking a lower-end card now might enable me to upgrade later. Right now, I'm considering making a switch over to ATI and getting a Sapphire x1800xt card, but it might be a whole lot easier to just stay with Nvidia and get either an Evga 7600gt co or a 7600gs. The reasons I like the Nvidia option: It's cheaper, and I've been working with an nvidia cards for a while, which would make for an easier transition. Also, I've heard lots of good things about evga customer support. My thoughts on the ATI option: The 1800xt is better than the 7600, but it is also more expensive. I've not had much experience with ATI graphics cards, so I'm kind of wary of doing something stupid in the transition. Also, I don't know anything about Sapphire. How's the customer support and everything? So basically, I want to know whether it's worth it to get an 1800xt over a 7600gs/gtco, especially considering my tight budget. The manufacturer of the card I get is a concern for me as well. These are just the options I pinpointed quickly looking through newegg. If someone thinks I'm looking in the wrong places, feel free to reccomend something else entirely too. Thanks.
  13. Raeth

    Endless Reboot

    Hey Branjo, Thanks for the advice. I really need to make some backups, like you said. I just reinstalled everything from scratch, but I installed normal Windows XP Professional this time (as opposed to the 64 bit version, which I had tried as a trial version), and I'm suspecting the problem this time relates to my firewall. After installing it, and then rebooting, XP stopped being able to load fully. It either froze at "loading personal preferances" after clicking on the name I wanted to log into, or it froze when I entered the account. The mouse would still move around, but no application would load. Also, if you didn't choose a name soon enough after booting the computer, you would no longer be able to click on them at all. Sometimes, after loading into XP, while waiting for the applications to open (which they never did) an error message came up saying something like about how EZ firewall was waiting for something to load (I should have written it down, but for now, I have nothing more specific, sorry). Nothing happened if I pressed ctrl-alt-delete or even if I tried to shut down my computer from Windows. The only thing that worked was the restart button on the case. This time, my computer at least loads when I try to go to safe mode, but now it seems to be freezing if it goes into the screensaver at safe mode. Honestly, I don't know if this is the firewall/antivirus software. But the reason I initially installed the trial version of WinXP x64 is because something similar happened when I first installed my normal XP, right after installing this firewall/antivirus software. Then, in 64-bit, the firewall was incompatible, so if my firewall causes problems I never got to test it out with that. I really do not know what to do. I have actually installed Windows or gotten 2/3rds of the way though with a Windows installation about 6X now. Not to mention the time spent reinstalling all the different programs, applications, drivers, trying to troubleshoot and fix problems, etc. All this in about a month. I really am enjoying learning, but I feel like it's just getting rediculous now. The system mechanic thing was my fault, but I don't know what I oculd have possibly done wrong this time. Sorry for the rant. Can anyone help me out this time? Thanks a lot.
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