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  1. My system runs well wit this bios aside from one thing (and My brother-in-law has the exact same issue. When the computer is shut down, it can take a few reboots to get it up and running again. Bootup is now the only time the ULI5288 errors occur on our machines. (And they error out the second windows is able to log it. ) But once the system is up and running we're not getting any errors... sooo, it's better than having the system freeze up every 2 hours Gor
  2. You needed more wattage, but you need to go with a good NAME PSU. Like above posters said Antec is good. I got a 550 Truepower I think hee hee check my sig. My previous system had a 500W and I couldn't cold boot it at all, it was just a sh!tty generic psu and it didn't peak high enough on startup to power a XP 2400+ and 9700Pro. It also died during games sometimes. Buying from CompUSA is a crapshoot. They sometimes sell good stuff, but they're not going to lube you up before they charge you. I'd take the one you got back and order one from Newegg. Check the thread mentioned above and look for a listed PSU. I spent ~$80 on mine. I wish I'd had the extra money (spent too much as is!) to get one with the removable cables to keep the case cleaner. Gor
  3. Just a little update: I've been runing the 5/23 (says 5/19 IN the actual bios) Bios, and I uninstalled the ULI software, about a week. Computer has been on for at least 4 days straight with no further errors. I also did the same on a second computer from scratch (no original ULI software install at all) and it hasn't had any problems at all yet. It was almost exactly the same as mine, just smalled HDs. It was so nice playing DDO the other night, played for at least 4hrs no issues at all. Gor
  4. I installed the new beta Bios posted in the sticky above. I was still getting the 2hr errors. I then uninstalled the ULI Raid software. My computer wouldn't boot up after that normally so I chose "last known good config" during boot and it came back up without the ULI software. Played FEAR last night no issues, then Ileft it on all night last night and didn't get 1 error 9 on the m5288 Yay! So it looks like this did the trick for me. I just set up my bro-in-law's computer same setup as mine but he got the new beta bios off the bat, and I never installed the ULI software. He hasn't complained yet, but I'm going to try to take a look at it this weekend and see if he's getting any errors. Thanks guys! Gor
  5. All righty! I installed the latest bios that someone had a link to above. It seems to have solved my issue (Well that and a complete re-install of Windows ) Haven't had a crash yet. Oblivion looks amazing in HDR. Now to start installing the rest of my programs. Gor
  6. Ok, I've posted my specs in my sig, hopefully that will help a little. I'm going to admit, before I bought this board this week, I hadn't really heard of DFI, but I read good things about it on Newegg. And I had the money to blow on a topline system, so I went with what appeared to be the best. I'm sure some of my bios settings are less than optimal, I haven't kept up on tech as much as I should, I buy a new computer every 3 years or so, so I get a little lazy. My machine seems to run fine for a while as long as I'm not installing Oblivion Though My CPU fan seems to behaving erraticly (sometimes it doesn't spin up fully, it just sort of twitches) I'm going to shut everything down after I finish this post and switch the fan plug around. In my event viewer after a crash I get "Event ID: 9" "The device, DeviceScsim52881, did not respond within the timeout period." *Edit edit edit* I download the Winflasher but my system appears to be running a pheonix bios, "Onboard Bios not award Bios!" CPU-z shows me running Phoenix Tech, TLD Version 6.00 PG date 03/28/2006 Gor
  7. Sorry I don't have time to post my system spec right now, I'll do it when I get home. But I've been trying to Install Oblivion. It bluescreens out, and when it comes back windows sends off it's error message, and then gives me a pretty webpage that tels me Windows couldn't access the Hard drive anymore. *shrug* And My system logs show errors on the m5288 device. Gor
  8. I hope so, becuase my computer is crashing every 10 minutes becuase of this. Grrrrr Just bought and put the damn thing together. Luckily Oblivion's install program picks up where it left off. Gor
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