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  1. Sorry if it look rude or hasty in my post but i needed urgent information aboutit. it wasent my intention to spam i just got desperate nevermind forgive me the rest of the users ...since i see i disturbed your humor and you dont wanna answer my questions ill be finding information some place else you can block my account since im not posting here ever. Good luck and sorry to u guys.
  2. Hey guys... i would be running a single card system... is it recomended to use a dual rail PSU for a single card system or SLI PSU for my system???? would it decrease performance if i use SLI or dual rail PSU... or better go with the Single rail PSU?? I would be going for the OCZ 520 power stream but i dunno if the SLI or non SLI would perform better 2 me ... the SLI one has 38 amps in both rails total and the non SLI 33 single rail... wich its the better choice for me... Since im a bit confuse i dunno if the dual rail could be better than a single rail.
  3. Does it gets that hot when OC the 165???? coz im not buying any water cooling n stuff.. just a heatsink maybe thermaltake Venus 12 is it good enough?
  4. Damn... im buying my CPU from newegg just wish me good luck lol
  5. So theres no way to find out the stepping before buying??? its all luck then
  6. Guys.. Im planning on buying a DFI nforce4 Ultra-D and a Opteron 165 would you recomend the Thermaltake Venus 12 heatsink?... Thyphoon its a very large heatsink will it fit the Board?
  7. Hi Guys... how do i know wich Opteron 165 is the CCBBE 0610 ???? the model OSA165CDBOX its the CCBBE 0610 opteron? or its all random?
  8. Thanks again dude... Im into gaming ... so i can say both are pretty good option for gaming right? but u say single core maybe be better in games but in the other hand like u said soon new games will supoort dual core cpus. hmmm thats interesting. If u Guys were gamers ... what would you buy? Single core Opteron or Dual core Opteron?
  9. Guys i have another question sorry again... Opteron 144 Overclocks more/ better than Opteron 165? or any single core better than dual core Opterons?
  10. THX guys for responding. i think i will go for the 146 Opteron since its the cheaper better option for me. I was considering 144 but it takes 600mhz to reach 2.4ghz againts 400mhz for the 146 Opteron... and thats the thing whats keeping me worry coz i live in a very hot country .... also humedity its everywhere since its raining seasson. I am considering weather conditions 2 overclock. Do you think 600mhz increase in the 144 Opteron over 400mhz increase in the 146 can be a threat in a hot/wet enviroment...i guess the more mhz+voltage u throw the more it gets hot... ???? @2.4ghz its my first goal in any CPU i wold buy.
  11. Hi guys im new here. i have already made the choice im going for the DFI Nforce4 ultra-D Board. But i have a dilema in the procesor since i cant make my mind. My budget is limited so i cannot afford a lot $$$$$ ive been thinking in the 3700+ (sandiego) or Opteron 144 Venus. Im looking forward to OC.. wich do you think its a better option for buying. Any other recomendation for CPU be welcome... Please do not recommend Dual opteron since they are 2 expensive $$$$ ... Ive heard Opteron are pretty good Overclockers some say better than Athlon64.. i dunno that but any recomendation of any other Opteron will be welcome my budget for CPU cant pass the $240 limit =(. Hope to see your recomendation guys C ya.
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