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  1. Make sure you have the yukon drivers installed first, then under network connections right click the yukon connection and go to properties. Under the advanced tab check the box that says allow other computers to connect to the internet. You might have to restart but that should do it.
  2. Don't forget to put a fan blowing on the heatsink for the memory voltage controller. It's the one right by the voltage jumper.
  3. What is the cache size on those raptors (8 or 16 meg)
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the heatsink from the memory voltage controller?
  5. Fantastic !!! I'll be trying the 6/23 bios later to see if I can squeeze a little more out of my bh-5. Excellent job getting that kingston ram to clock like that especially since most of the time that brand of ram doesn't even work in theese boards much less overclock like a mother. Let us know how far you get it I have heard that theese chips can handle up to 270 but I haven't been able to get mine past the 250 mark.
  6. I happen to be a self taught overclocker and I can tell you insane clocks cannot be reached without sufficient power. If you can't afford a huge psu use two of them. Theese boards suck down power like nothing else. Give it the juice it needs and your system will run awesome. As power hungry as they are DFI is still the bomb
  7. Man I want you to get to the clocks I'm getting if there's anything else you need to know as far as bios settings and such let me know. I'll do what i can
  8. It's a luck of the draw kind of thing. The reason i bought it second hand is the high oc my friend was getting. Set the ldt and chipset one setting above default (I believe 1.3 and 1.6 respectively) and make sure the ldt bus is at 3x other than that I'm not sure what else you could do.
  9. That's pretty good for a 3200+ mine won't do much past 270 no matter what the voltage but the guy i got it from said it would do 280 on water. Maybe you need better cpu cooling to keep it stable at that speed. The cooler i have is good but it moves air from the top to the bottom so it's sucking air off of the video card and had to move it to the 8x slot. Try running the memory on a lower divider if you have'nt already or maybe some more case cooling but I'm not sure if you'll be able to squeeze more out of it.
  10. Unless you have an adapter youll need to do some splicing to get both to turn on at the same time or you could use a switch for the second psu. There is a few different ways to do it here http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=88976 . Make sure you have a way to get the heat from the second psu out of your case. I run the mb and sata drives off of the main psu and the rest off of the other and I've had no problems so far. I have the green wires and a common ground wired together between the psus and they both kick on with the case button. I have noticed when i switch one off the other kicks on without hitting the button I've read that this is normal and i just turn the secondary psu on first so I don't kick the board on and then off when i switch on the other one.
  11. You may need to enable raid in the bios (even if you aren't using raid) and install the raid controller drivers. Mine read the drives as ide until i enabled the raid. You shouldn't need the drivers to install windows unless you have a raid array but it'll ask for them once you get into windows. I think this has something to do with the ability of the raid controller to span between the sata and pata ports.
  12. Sadly I just use the optimized defaults and manually set the first four only and its worked. BUt just in case it'll help they are from top to bottom 2-2-5-2-7-auto-2-2-2-3. I have no idea to find out what the comp is using in the one that is still auto but if anyone knows how to find out i can add that in there. I haven't messed with the timings too much because i have no idea what all those numbers mean and since it worked i just left it alone. I use the board to overvolt the memory (no booster) and i keep the voltage at 3.3 in the bios (but it reads 3.4) and use a 80 m fan on the memory and one on the heatsink on the voltage controller for the v dimm ( upper right corner of the board). I hope this helps someone as this forum has saved me alot of headaches when i was getting this thing running and I'd like to give back as much as possible.
  13. Join the club I have a bald spot on my head from pulling my hair in frustration. But keep in mind that theese boards overclock like nothing else. I have had no trouble so far with the 11/14 bios but I haven't tried too many of them. and if you decide to move the voltage jumper make sure you put a fan blowing on the heatsink in the upper right corner of the mb. With the trouble your having upping the voltage it might be a good idea to look into a booster for the memory so you can up the voltage that way. They are fairly cheap and should be easy to find. I hope you can get this running my buddy is always knocking my bh-5 and says I should've gotten tccd but they can't keep the tight timings at the high frequencies. Good luck to ya and I hope this helps.
  14. My OCZ BH-5 run better in the orange slots but I think it's because of the bios version. I can get about 250 at 3.5 volts as a max but they wicked fast timings.Try loading optimized defaults then set the first four settings ( in order 2-2-5-2 )
  15. Go RAID 0 it is scary knowing that one going bad kills everything but getting in the habit of backing everything up is always a plus. an extra hd just for storage isn't a bad idea either. I just got my hands on a pair of 36g raptors and if you can swing the price it's a definite must have. I'm getting a 98 mb/s average read time ( hd tach ) and I'm amazed at how fast everything runs. RAID 0 is the bomb.
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