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  1. im having the same problem myself. it is a bit of an anoyance but now mine has the same symptoms even if i shut down myself.
  2. i got the expert moboy and to be honest i didnt quite like how the card fittted but it did none the less. works like a charm. my x1900xtx card actually forces the casing of the chipset fan to 1 side but doesn't seem to have any ill effects, temps and stabilty is the same as every1 else here using stock cooling.
  3. when pc booted thanks guys with the 6.3 drivers the latest patched q4 didnt work rihgt for me, the menu + mouse at the start was missing, i probably could of fiddle with q4 but 6.5 solved that problem. im not sure if i do have a problem with the drivers, just that I don't quite understand them. is there a app that can monitor + record all the temps of the system inc gfx card? i would be very interested to see what really goes on when im playing games.
  4. 6.5 i kinda thought that but dont know how to record them, i ran q3 in a window and they stayed the same, so was left a little unsure. gonna plug it in now
  5. theres a fdd type conection near the pci express slot, in the manual it says plug it in if your runing sli. my question is would it benifit me to plug it any way? catalyst says my x1900 xtx is running at 500mhz which is well below what it should be. should be 650 and no matter where i place the slider it stays the same. i ran the automated clock configuration button and it jumps to 650 no problem but then crashes when it hit a higher frequency i think it got to 680. the pc just restarted. no sure if thats a driver prob, me being stupid or the juice available to the card. shall i just plug it in? its noted on page 69 of my manual
  6. is it possible to use a usb floppy to load the sata drivers whilst installing win xp. i just had a quick go but it didnt detect it. im without a intertnal atm.
  7. Hi guys I was just wondering what tempritures should the mobo chipset and the cpu be running at. the nvidia 4 seems a little hot to me, it meanders between 45 - 53 my cpu is at 30- 35 today summer is on its way and my room temp with my old pc on would hit 35c at the hottest time of the day last summer. i dont want to be in the same boat with the pc dieing after 20misn of gameplay. im thinking of going water cooling but a little worried about the fact my ati card sits right on top of the chipset fan. and wont have money to invest in that for a while buying this pc has crippled me. I just need my mind put at rest. ta.
  8. i myself ahd problems with the psu i bought 1 that just wasn't up to the job even tho it was 620, sent that back and got another. was plug and play from there.
  9. cheers m8 i deciding i couldnt be bothered re-installing xp so on the prev 1, uninstalled the old drivers, and installed all the new 1s. cpu temp is between 20 -30 which is the lowest ive ever had a cpu 3d mark result came in at 4463 i think without tweaking that isnt too bad q4 runs like a dream sound is good not noticed anything wrong with it. its all good thanks again gil_grissom
  10. got it installed now, i haven't tweaked it at all yet but pld black and white 2 on it and it seems to be running without a hitch so far. maybe i got lucky with the psu. thanks every1
  11. ive installed the psu even tho its v2.0 but the board has powered up, so far i only loaded xp up in safe mode since i have nt reinstalled yet and its configered for the old sys i had. but it seems to be fine. but i gotta install xp properly and then do some testing. i will keep u posted. cross ya fingers for me. what type of probs should i look for?
  12. i hate my life ok then im gonna order another 1 and hope i dont go bankrupt.
  13. just got off the ohone from overclockers the ppl that supllied me with the psu and they said they will give me a refund , i wasn't expecting. so i have just bought the Enermax Noisetaker 600W EG701AX-VE(W) SFMA ATX2.0 SLI Compliant PSU that is recomended here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ht=power+supply hopefully i will be up and running for tomorrow. thanks for your help
  14. got it back form the shop they said that when they used a diff gfx card they could get to the bios so thats ok and they tested the gfx and that worked. are the board and gfx compatable? DFI LanParty UT nF4-DR Expert SOCKET 939 SLi / DUAL CH DDR Powercolor Radeon X1900XTX 512M DD3 i might buy a new board since i read there problems with the sound card ive got as well. im still not sure what my best option is since im already skint untill im paid on the 18th i dont want to buy anything else that doesnt work. and i think another board might be my safest bet.
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