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  1. Yes, like a clone mode, because when i set it up right now it acts as a second monitor, and when I maximize Zsnes it goes to full screen on my monitor and not the TV. What is Ultramon and Hydravision?
  2. First of all just wanted to say hello, I have not posted here in a while but I remember that i could rely on these forums for good input. Recently My BFG 6800GT went out, It is supposed to have a lifetime warranty; however, I do not have the original sales receipt from two years ago so I am SOL on that. The delimma I am having is my mobo has an AGP slot (which i stuck an old Radeon 9550 in and am up and running for now) which is now out dated. I do not play video games on my PC like i used to so the Radeon is working for now (Runs Americas Army and that is all I play on the PC), however I would like to get another video card for another reason. I want a card that will display the same thing on my monitor and my TV, I want to be able to play my emulators on my TV. I was hoping to aviod having to use a dual monitor setup as I have been having fits getting that to work with the Radeon 9550 and displaying the Zsnes full screen mode on the TV and not the monitor. I also do not want to break the bank on this AGP card (looking to spend about 100 bones) as I am going to build a new PC in the next year which will be a media center and will take over what I want to do with my desktop now (I have a laptop I use for everything else). I was looking at the GeForce 7300GT for 99.99 at newegg, will this display on both screens like I want it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in Advance
  3. Ok dont exactly know how to expalin this but i am having problems with my system: Specs: MSI K8N Neo2 Plat AMD A64 3500+ 1 gig Corsair RAM BFG 6800GT OC Cheap 480Watt PS 2 36gig Raptors 80Gb maxtor 120GB Seagate DVD Writer When i first noticed this it was when i was playing Half life to, I would be playing for a bit then i would get a freeze that lasted 1-5sec, after doing some researched i found out the information on the Half Life 2 freezing bug so i just thought that is was an issue with that game. Then i installed up warcraft three and began getting the same problem, and thought it was lag on Bnet, but it wasnt cause it happened in a single player game. Anybody know what could be causeing this. My number one guess is maybe lack of power because it is a cheap power supply. Could it be that, what are the signs of lack of power in a system? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. btw i already reinstalled the drivers by going through driver cleaner and such. Thanks for the help in advance. Daniel EDIT: At the request of HoLoDream the exact power supply is EZMedia 480Watt LED Powersupply.
  4. i plan on going s939 when i move to an sli setup, but with my current situation (broken comp) this is what i can afford
  5. AMD A64 3000+ witha DFI Landparty Board (socket 754) moving up from a P4 2.6Ghz on the IC7 Is it ok that i am going to a socket 754 considering come this summer and am going to build an SLI rig when i see the prices come down a little, and see what Nvidia and ATI's plans are before i dumb a ton of money in new vid cards? Oh yeah i will be using a BFG 6800 GT OC Thanks in Advance.
  6. Ill do both for 350.00 shipped, because i can return them to wre i bought them for a 15% restock fee. 350.00 for both shipped
  7. Ok got some more stuff to sell: BFG 0c 6800GT AGP 8x - 350.00 eVGA 6600GT PCI-E - 180.00 Brand new, used for about a week eVGA 6600GT PCI-E - 180.00 Brand new, used for about a week Abit socket A mobo (back from Tbird days will get exact model when i get home) with a thunderbird Athlon 1.4ghz and about 328MB of SDRAM (133 i think) Just PM me or post here if interested. ALL PRICES INCLUDE UPS GROUD SHIPPING WITH INSURRANCE.
  8. Newegg has 3 (MSI, Asus, and Leadtek) 6800 Vanillas with 256MB ram (thought about getting these) and they have the XFX on the site but it is not in stock. I can find Vanillas to no end but no GTs
  9. Can anybody finda PCI-E 6800GT that is in stock and is resonable priced. I cant find them anywere. Why are they so hard to find? You wuold think they would be in high supply because everybody wants one.
  10. Check the name Gigemdan on Ebay for some feedback. I have several people here who are interested in the 9800pro, one person already PMed me and i am awaiting a response. I will give till i get home from work. Then i will let ya'll know.
  11. No trades here just cash please thanks for the offer though
  12. Now that i have moved to PCI-Express I have two AGP 8x Cards to sell: BFG 6800GT OC 256MB - $350.00 Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB - $150.00 (witha vantec iceberq4 on it) - Sold to skyocus - Thank you All prices include UPS ground shipping with issurance. Please PM me or post here if you are interested in either of these cards. Thanks Daniel
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