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  1. it all comes down to what res you are going to play at or if your planning on upgrading to a larger screen later. @ 1680x1050, the 320mb should be fine for today's games but later down the line, the 640mb might last a little longer than the 320mb. i just recently upgraded to a GTS640 from a X1900XT256, big difference. games are smooth, nomore stuttering. with my old X1900XT256, i would get the random stuttering do to lack of video memory in FEAR. having a more video memory ensures you have smooth gameplay with no sudden hiccups.
  2. @ Silverbulletz, do you still get errors in the event viewer?
  3. i will eventually get one of these when i have the money.... xmas is right around the corner... hmmm
  4. it will fit either way on my ultra-D with a X1900XT in the first pci-e x16 slot. in my case i have a custom vreg heatsink on my X1900XT and the fittings to get it to stay on are too tall so the only way it's going to fit is if i put it facing down. my digicam died on me so i can't take any good pics :sad: .
  5. that was a older pic before i got a X1900XT 256MB. i have since removed it but i going to put it back on when i get the chance because i want silence. will let you know.
  6. one of my buddies got a week CCBBE 0617FPMW opty 165 from newegg. so there is still a chance to get a great stepping.
  7. its about the same height as the VC-RE and your X1800XT will fit and not interfere with it. i had a X1900XT 512 and a VC-RE, both fit without issues. also there is a search and a loooong thread about the VC-RE.
  8. he listed it a couple of posts up, GXS700. to Calord: like others have said, Expert can be picky. Ultra-D or SLI-DR would be better since they've been out longer and have better support for them. not to say that the Expert doesn't have good support, just that it's picky. also go watercooling!!!
  9. Samsung 940BW 19" WS 5ms LCD it is sometimes on sale on bestbuy.com for $199 w/ free shipping.
  10. i use pentosin G11 in my loop, highly recommend it. i bought mine from petra's. its a really good website for WC parts and other things. http://www.petrastechshop.com/peg11coadb.html they also have a 4oz bottle which is the one i bought.
  11. its not that big, there are some size comparing pics with a VC-RE next to it on the first page of this thread i posted.
  12. the ADDA fans that come on some Lian Li's are noisy to me. my PC-7B came with Lian Li branded fans and they are much quieter than the ADDA ones. i have a friend that as a V1000 case that came with ADDA fans and didn't used them so i asked for them and tested them out. i had some yate loons to test along side them and the yates came out on top as the quietest then Lian Li branded fan then ADDA. yates had less motor noise than the Lian Li branded fans. what rad are you getting? if its a BI GTS, then i suggest getting some yate loons.
  13. what i notice when i finished my watercooling setup, is that the temps you get are most effected by your ambient temps, so if its like 90F where you live and your room temps are 80-85F then, yes your temps will be high. its not necessary to wc the NB chip. like someone else stated, you can get the evercool VC-RE or the thermalright HR-05 SLI and those will be enough to keep the chipset cool and quiet. finally, the problem could also be the type of rad you purchased. since it is a BI Pro, they don't perform that well compared to the BI GTS aka GT Stealth. i have a single 120 GTS rad in my setup and it cools my cpu and video card with ease. temps are: cpu idle: 30-33c cpu load: 44-45c gpu idle: 34-37c gpu load: 41-43c ambient: 25c no a/c and heres a pic for you viewing pleasure also every nice setup you have, makes me want to get a V1000B
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