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  1. Ha, no big hurry. My current comp can barely run Source.
  2. Post-Holiday bump. Added another game.
  3. So I caved and decided to buy this game. I just thought I'd hit DFI street before going on eBay and looking. Here are the games that I have (All PC): Oblivion UT 2004 Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Warcraft 3 Halo Black and White 2 Far Cry Splinter Cell: Double Agent Here are some movies: Mr. and Mrs. Smith X2 Supertroopers This is Spinal Tap If you want to make a trade for these, make me an offer and I'll do my best to see it happen.
  4. karot

    DFI NF4 Ultra-D

    I have an OEM Ultra-D. I'm using the cables right now for my MSI Diamond Plus but it'll come with the audio module and a backplate. Hasn't been modded.
  5. Talk to Happy Games. He can get you one for free.
  6. Totally spaced on reporting bandwidth usage so I'll just do a copy/paste job: May 2006 114 129 226 285 9.69 GB Jun 2006 177 197 248 248 17.76 GB Jul 2006 126 134 171 176 11.74 GB Aug 2006 245 260 889 901 21.52 GB Sep 2006 113 119 175 185 7.73 GB Oct 2006 78 80 118 123 5.39 GB Nov 2006 82 92 125 125 5.98 GB
  7. Contact Happy Games about it and he'll get you in touch with someone who can get one for you.
  8. IT should actually go into the file autoexec.cfg. It should already be there.
  9. karot


    Hi, I've found out that the limiting component in my current craptacular setup is the CPU. Right now, I'm running a socket 478 Celly 2.93 Ghz. I mainly only want to play Counter-Strike Source on this computer, and I found that even when I change resolutions from low to high, my framerate basically remains the same. This leads me to believe that the CPU is the slow part and it needs an updating. If anyone has an Intel Pentium 4 524 riding socket 478, I'd be interested in buying it from you. I havent' done much research into the price but I'm going to assume it's going to be less than 100 bucks new. Preferably, I'd like to get one as cheap as possible, as long as it's in fine working condition.
  10. PM AngryGames and he'll hook you up with Donna at DFI. She will mail you the backplate for free, and will probably have a good price on the audio module.
  11. Anyone else? I can offer 27.38 shipped for it.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm looking around for a good optical mouse and I hear that these are the best. I still haven't gotten used to the new laser mice but I'm hoping that a lot of you have and are willing to unload your old gaming mice. My zip code is 84103. I don't have a heatwave yet but you can check me on eBay. The name is hlfusion. Best!
  13. Those are pretty high requirements, you may find more people willing to trade if you agree that they shouldn't pay for a board that they had no control over during manufacturing.
  14. I would but once again, I'm dirt poor.
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