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    New Desk

    I'm moving into an apartment and finally getting a new desk. I'm looking for a nice glass desk, a keyboard tray would be nice as well as a monitor stand, but definitely not necessary. The desk I have right now is 42" x 21" and thats a bit small. My case is the Tt Kandalf and wanna keep it on the desk, so thats a good 23" I'd need for depth. Also, keeping this under $300 would be pretty nice. I've seen some pics from some people here having nice desks like I'm looking for, but can't really find them at Staples and the like.
  2. Haven't started yet, but have been eying different Katanas over the years. Saw one this summer a Renaissance fair that really caught me. Talked a friend for a bit the other night who lived in Japan for a year and had the opportunity to learn Iaido, and he suggested just getting a real cheap one at first to learn with, be easier on the wallet (heh, and much less likely to lose a finger). Angel Sword was the company I saw at the fair, and they had some really nice blades, and a whole bunch of different types. They said they were the ones that were used on a few episodes of Mythbusters.
  3. Don't have that much, ours just covers the grass. Unfortunately, it rained out for part of the snow, so most/all of it is frozen.
  4. Yeah, up here in Boston, we've got a good amount down one the ground already. Don't remember getting snow this early for a few years now. So excited to get some riding in soon!
  5. Aye, I got a 8800 GT to replace my 7900 GT KO, and wow. The 7900 was a great card, really really strong, but Crysis ended up destroying it (last level, fan started buzzing loudly). 8800 GT was such an amazing upgrade.
  6. Heh, yeah, I generally take the newegg reviews pretty lightly. But, when they're that vast/negative, it does tip a bit of a warning signal in my head. I'll think about it, because even if it just barely works, 10 bucks isn't half bad at all.
  7. Oh yeah, I was dumb. Just read the pdf fine print. Kinda wary though, lotta negative stuff being said about the card on newegg.
  8. Ah, I wanna get it, but afraid that it'll arrive after the 27th, and then I'll be screwed outa the rebate.
  9. Yeah had the same issue. Just ended up playing through it anyways, went to uninstall it, and it wouldn't finish. Same with UT3, that just installed but now can't be found anywhere on my pc.
  10. Thanks guys, definitely give these sites a read through during lunch.
  11. Yeah, thats what a few sites have shown me so far. What are important things to look at, and reasonable numbers for the price I'm looking for? These might get hooked up to an HDTV for movies now and then, so that may be something else to consider.
  12. Heya, looking for a new set of speakers. 5.1 is probably what I'm looking at, I have a cheapo logitech 5.1 set right now I got for 50 bucks about two years ago, but mainly use headphones for gaming, but the speakers are nice for music movies and a bunch of other stuff. I'm looking to try and spend under $125-ish if I can manage. What I'm looking for is a set that'd do well with gaming/TV/movies and music. Clarity at somewhat high (not annoying to neighbor's loud) volumes is a must as well as durability. I don't really know brands for speaker brands, so hoping maybe some people could suggest some sets/sites to check out. Gonna do a bit of googling and post back with some stuff to get thoughts on them.
  13. Yeah, free is always nice. The stock one I've got has the heat pipes on it, but they aren't as big. But ya, I'll just order it anyways with some other stuff. Thanks for the input!
  14. Just a heads up: SVC newsletter had some good stuff this time, and this looks pretty sweet: COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-L9U1-GP HYPER TX 2 CPU COOLER FOR AMD K8, AM2 AND INTEL LGA775 ($20 MAIL-IN REBATE EXPIRES 10/31/07) http://www.svc.com/rr-cch-l9u1-gp.html Anyone have any experience with it? Would I see anything better than I'm getting with the stock HSF?
  15. I think the command is supposed to the be renderer.drawFPS 1 The one for your HUD is renderer.drawHUD 0 Give the draw a shot?
  16. The main reason for me waiting is to take advantage of the price drop. I'm pretty happy with what I have at the moment, just wanna treat myself to something with all the work I've been doing during my internship.
  17. Yeah, figured as much on that. Does anyone know when abouts the new cards are due out? I have heard rumors of Q4 this year, but that seems like its coming up pretty quickly and no big headlines, at least that I've seen.
  18. Heya, a buddy of mine has his 7900 GT KO up for sale for $125, and I've currently got mine in my system slightly OCed. I run a 1440x900 resolution on a 19" screen and play FPS games pretty extensively. Here's my question, would it be worth grabbing this for my resolution. I've always heard that a higher resolution than mine would benefit more from SLI than what I'm running. On the other hand, I'm tempted to get a GeForce 9x or if they aren't a huge jump, grab a 8800 GTS 640. Can I get some people to chime in on this?
  19. I'd stick with the small local shops in terms of actually buying stuff. Only downside is that they sometimes don't have a large selection. Just picked up a pair of Burton Shawn White's at the end of last season. First real new pair of boots I've had. Sooooooo nice of a change from the hand me downs I had been riding in for 5+ years (with another 3 on top of that!)
  20. Heh, I might actually do this with an old drive just to look at the platters.
  21. Pretty sure thats done, but I'll head back in and check it out.
  22. No dice, won't show up there. Any thoughts on BIOS settings?
  23. Just put a 320 GB Seagate Sata II drive in my system. Its on the SiL channel, jumper is in 1.5 GB position, BIOS setting for the SiL3114 S-ATA RAID Control is set to SATA. XP loaded drivers for it fine, but the drive isn't showing up in My Computer. My other array is on the nvidia channel. Any thoughts?
  24. Good call. Kinda seems like it might be it, I barely open the drive, discs usually sit there for a few weeks or so. The most action it got was about two weeks prior ripping a Zeppelin box set. I'll give it a shot, hopefully turns out well... BTW, how's the move going?
  25. Ok, a few weeks ago I went to write a few music files to a cd and decided to just do it some other time and shut down my PC. I boot up the next day to play some BF2, but the DVD isn't functioning correctly, it still wants to write those files to CD. So I clear them out to see if that'll fix it. No dice, the drive still won't read any discs. Haven't found any working DVD drives in the basement to replace it, but I'm 99.999% the discs are fine. So, any clue why the drive is all of a sudden crapping out? I've done some googling to try and find a solution, but none have seemed to work. So anyone have any ideas? I'm pretty sure the drive is still under warranty, but would rather see if its a software issue before I RMA it and deal with no drive for some time.
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