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  1. OCZ powerstream 420 watt - $60 shipped used for 4 monthes, works awsome, powered dual core, 4 HDD's, 4 fans, and 7800gtx - SOLD Big Typhoon + fan and all accessories -$40 shipped used for less then a month, kept temps cool, but was too big for my case (lian li 60b) xp-90 w/ 92mm blue led fan -$20 + ship Radeon 9800 pro w/ power cable - $70 shipped MSI Neo2 Platinum nforce3 Mobo fresh from rma - $55 Shipped SB Live 5.1 soundcard - $18 shipped Doom3 pc game mint condit - $20 shipped Rome: Total War pc game mint condit - $20 shipped PM me with questions/offers.
  2. yes i got the epoxy scraped, pins connecte sli-d! and a nice layer of as5 under the vc-re..currently sittin @ 39 chipset temps!
  3. pretty good, add some font effects to make it stand out a bit more...(its's very easy to do in PS) esepcially a slight drop shadow.
  4. jab-tech.com has it for 1$ less then svc, and 2$ less if you buy 2..so find someone else who wants one and save some more!
  5. What I wil ldo is use the nail polish and then wipe it clean with some 90% isoporyl I alos just did the dab method with the as5 instead of evenly spreading it, which is another reason why I probably didnt get the results I wanted. My ultra-d to sli mod pins are covered in a greenish blackish thing...How can I easily remove this to perform the sli mod?
  6. If I dont have 100% acetone, but have some nail polish remover from my mom..will that work as long as im careful where I wipe it?
  7. I got this and found there was some of the yellow sticky crap from the dfi cooler litterally like melded onto my chipset chip..can I safely use a knife to scrape this crap off? I applied as5, but it's not really helping my temps and i credit it to this goop
  8. nope, but I'm having weird errors in 03 again..and 01 still has problems..I don't really understand and what sucks is I sold the stock cooler so theres no way for me to rma it now, It was working just fine and now im running into these problems..
  9. got any ludes for sale? lol bump
  10. tried reinstalling, didn't work, could it possibly be that I only have 512mb of ram? (waiting on rma..) thats the minimum requirement for 05, and 06 is 1gig so it makes sense why that doesn't work
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