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  1. the BSOD should have some info in it (not all the numbers etc) like for example IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL maybe with a filename (normally a .sys) do you get any info at all like this? please post it if you do.
  2. I was just wondering what people opinions were on upgrading from a set of crucial 3200 memory to G.Skill's HZ. I can then run with a lower divider, but will there be much difference? I kinda suspect there wont. However, I do want to upgade to 2GB, and the HZ is only £30 more than 2GB crucial 3200. Thanks for any input
  3. can someone explain why the speed of the ram changes in that calulator when the multiplier changes? i just dont get it
  4. the case temp goes up to 33-34 with it closed, if i leave the panels open/off, case temp = 32 and max load cpu temp = 46/47 its a coolermaster atcs aluminium box, 2 intake fans, 2 out. i dont want to keep my panel off
  5. im using a 53CFM vantec 120mm fan, it's blowing the wind ON to the cpu. maybe its the as3 i used, which was somewhat old. but i used that on the chipset cooler as well, which runs at 40-42.
  6. hi there, i'm just worried that load temp is too high. should i worry? vcore=1.44 in bios, 1.42 in smartguardian
  7. Looks like you memory cant handle the speed: 270x5/6=225 PC3200 memory = 200 You either need PC4000 = 250 Or change the divider to around 200. I have a different board, so I'm not sure twhich divider settings you have
  8. psu connected to motherboard at 3 places? main, 8pin (or 4 pin if your psu don't have 8 pins) and floppy? also which slots are your memory in? I initially put them in yellow, but didnt go into BIOS until I put them in orange slots. you might want to try the processor in another board you know works, to test if it's the processor that's the problem. heatsink is defenately in contact with the cpu? could just be down to the psu being to low or low/unstable amps on rails or a failed motherboard? have you tried to just have psu, cpu, 1 stick of RAM, keyboard and gfx card installed and nothing else? maybe the battery is dead/low/faulty. I've seen this before that if the battery is not giving enough juice, then boot is a no-no. do you have a spare battery from another motherboard?
  9. you sure? I would think you would have to manually set it when you overclock. That was my understanding reading up on oc'ing a64 architecture i'd say x4 for 280, but im not sure if it actually makes that much difference
  10. i would disconnect the power cord from the power supply, then reset CMOS with jumper, then take battery out, leave it out for 2 minutes, put it back in again, change the CMOS jumper setting back to normal, put the power cord back in in the power supply, wait for 10 seconds and the press the power switch on the motherboard (see the manual if you don't which one that is)
  11. did you try some memory dividers? looks to me that your memory is stopping it where it's at as you are running 1:1, 255*2=510, 10 clocks higher than what pc4000 is rated as. Or perhaps it's your powersupply, 400W isn't very much. Also try flashing your BIOS to a newer one. or all of the above!
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    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    nothing like good old days
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    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    so does this mean that E4 = CABNE, CABYE, CAB2E and CABGE ?