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  1. well, if you are this hurry, search for the same specs of system at the overclocking database...and try a bit lower to see the results...BUT this is NOT a good way to oveclock the pc...step by step...
  2. It was sooooo simple!!! I incresed the voltage of the core with a sum at 1.52V (1.425V + 110%) and the graphic corruptions went to hell....
  3. hi, the gpu is pre-overcklock 6800GS XXX ver. (XFX) and have rised it up to core:540Mhz mem:1300Mhz and it works fine at the overclocking of the cpu @2400Mhz I've tried it at stock speeds and i got the same corruption @2500Mhz but no @2400Mhz. I'll try to downclock it more to see if it's stabe to push the cpu (Thanks for the idea!) Yes, it happens in all games, and it is all the time. The psu is a chieftec 420W with i believe is't pushed at all by my system. Temperatures are low enough (cpu:30/40 idle/load, chipset:39/45 idle/load, pwm:33/36 idle/full ) So i'll try the downclock of the gpu to see what i take Thaks! link for picture: p.s. no result....i downclocked the gpu but the corruption is still there... It's flashy graphics i could say...they are normal, but all the time flashing and changing
  4. i reduced the fsb to 240Mhz with same setting and it hasn't got problems with graphics now...But i wanna get higher!! Well, i know, i regret for buying a value ram.....
  5. hello people, i have overclocked my pc at: athlon64 3200+ @ 2500Mhz fsb freq : 250 ldt/fsb ratio : 4x cpu/fsb ratio: 10x cpu vid control:1.425 Dram @ 228Mhz It is stable, but the problem is that i get corrupted graphics at games! the pci-x is at 100Mhz and tryed at 106Mhz (that i.ve had it before overclocking) It is from the overclock the problem...but have no idea what causes the prob!!!! Any ideas? similar problems?:confused:
  6. hello, i would like to ask you how to identify the SST 49LF040B LPC flash ROM on the mainboard. I have a lanparty nforce4 ultra D . I flashed it and it works, but the overclocking of the pc now is a mess... (before update i could reach 2500Mhz, but now with even a 2200Mhz it doesn't boot windows) thank you
  7. Seat Gredos (Malaga) 1.2GL model of 1986 and it doesn't burns any oil at all.....(no exhaust smoke!) lol
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