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  1. Hey got some Logitech X530's which are working with vista but I'm not getting proper 5.1 surround sound. Is there any driver in particular that I need to use for Vista or software. It worked fine with XP but since Vista no proper 5.1 :mad: Let me know any suggestions, I also have it cabled as apricot to centre input, black to rear and green to side
  2. Anyone had problems with DFI Ultra D 939 mobo and sound drivers via windows updates, if I use iTunes it crashes causing a BSOD due to a audio driver?
  3. Thats the prob though its around the mid 40's to low 50 at the moment and i want to find its limit, should i try a vcore of 1.45v and see how that goes?
  4. Seems to be pretty rock stable as im using it at these specs at the moment 24/7 and its fine when gaming as well.
  5. Hey guys i recently got a dual core x2 3800 since the price drops. The stepping of this little sucker is LDBFE 0614WPMW At the present moment i have it runing at 2.8ghz using 1.45vcore and its stable on both cores for at least 7hrs, the second core errors around this time but the main core i stopped after 13hrs. Now with this overclock the cpu was hovering around the mid 40degrees to 50 at times. I know i still havnt found the limit of this cpu so how can i go higher without having heat problems with the cpu?
  6. What week is your cpu etc as mine is CAB2E 0546 FPAW and cant get much over 2.7ghz
  7. Hey guys is there any best bios for the Ultra D and Team Xtreem PC4000 UCCC 2gb kit, im using the 04/06/2006 bios at the moment
  8. I would like to know as well i have been thinking of replacing my Arctic Cooler Freezer 64 for something better and can possibly cool the PWMIC while at it or ram
  9. Ok i just got my PWMIC down to mid to high 40's instead of 54 what i done was grabbed a 80mm fan and its sitting on the IDE molex and IDE cable. This will only be a temp solution till i can find something more permanent
  10. I know you have a different case but how did you mount the fan over the PWMIC?
  11. Hey guys my PWMIC is hitting around 54 degrees when i run prime95 to stress the system what are some ways to get this cooler as my cpu only cracks 42 at the most and chipset sits on 40 degrees. This is with the cpu at 2.7ghz and using a divider of 166. Also while im at it i want to put something over the ram as well so i can try to oc them a bit further my case is a antec p150 if that helps
  12. At what temp should i start to worry about the PWMIC as smartguardian is reading 53 54 degrees when i run prime 95, i really need to get some cooling on it somehow
  13. Got them to 270 which was OCCT 30min stable, but i cant run a 1:1 divider on them though
  14. THink the highest i have gotten OCCT stable and SuperPI is 265mhz kinda dissapointed though
  15. I was only thinking of 1.6v at the most
  16. Hey been trying to do some ocing with my cpu and have noticed that i cant increase the vcore any higher than 1.55v is it just my bios version or what?
  17. Is 51 degrees for the PWMIC to high, whats the limit with temp on this as im runing OCCT 30min test for my opty at 2.7ghz cpu is only reaching 40degrees at the most
  18. Ok now it makes sense why you had it at 3.0v at one stage with the fan. Im crappy now my cpu looks like it has a max oc of 2.65ghz on approx 1.42v kinda dissapointed and i take it there is no way i can get anmore out of her
  19. Ok thanks for the advice but if you run at 3.0v shouldnt you have passive cooling at least. Im trying to find the max oc of my cpu at the moment to see if that is also whats causing the superPI problems and it looks like it could be it wouldnt pass superpi 32m on 270, now with better cooling could i increase the limit of the cpu or not? Could it be anything like my bios version which is also affecting it
  20. Changed vdimm and that still didnt help, according to cpu-z my bios is 06/32/2005 if thats any help
  21. How is changing the vdimm going to make it more stable though?
  22. LOL thanks for the reply, my main problem is when i run SuperPI 32m test i get erro - not exact in round. I have tried increasing cpu vcore to 1.45v and lowering the LDT to 2.5x as well as increasing vdimm to 2.7v but still no go. Can someone give me some advice how to get it stable
  23. Hey guys i got this ram with my rig thats its my sig, currently im trying to find the max oc of my ram and this is what i have so far 270mhz @ 3-4-4-8 timings using LDT 3x Chipset Voltage 1.6v Cpu Multi 7x Cpu Volts - lowest possible Memclock 200mhz Dram 2.6v Now does anyone have this ram and if so whats the best way to tweak it i want to be able to run a high 1:1 oc with it, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  24. The ram is in use at the moment with the opty in a gigabyte k8nf-9 mobo that is at 2.5ghz stable with ram on 166 divider. Cant wait to get the rest of my gear and get this opty going higher
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