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  1. Thanks guys for trying to help, I always feel like I can come here for answers. Unfortunally none of the advice worked and I got fed up with it and just anniliated my windows install and reinstalled xp. All is now well again, I have left the computing twighlight zone, for now...I'm sure I'll be back again though, in the very near future! :eek:
  2. I can't run system restore because I turned the bloody thing off! thats a bigger pain in the arse than ATI's drivers! None of the advice so far has helped even though I appricated it. Is there something else I need to install first, I seem to recall something about 4 in 1 drivers? Is there some other driver that I'm not thinking aobut? Because I had this problem when I first built the PC 4 months ago, only I can't remember how I solved it. But I feel like I am missing something here guys. I'm also having problems with Nforce4 drivers, if I try to update to the latest ones for my mobo it says something about 'there are no more files' And gives me and uninstall error while I am trying to 'install' them. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I tried what you suggested Praz, and when I tried to install the card I get this error.
  4. Hi all, Having some problems here with my ATI drivers. I get this error I was just trying to update to the lastest cat drivers. And now windows will not even recognise that I have an ATI card installed. no matter what I try it will not install the drivers. I've tried the usual remove/uninstall, driver cleaner pro etc. nothing.
  5. Pc is working great now with the new PSU (OCZ Game XStream 600) No more crashes, games are working fine.... Word of advice... avoid Turbolink which is the PSU that came with my Aspire case!! Caused me all kinds of weird problems even though it was a 500 wat PSU and I was only running one vid card. Anyway, case closed. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey thanks, I'll give it a try. New PSU probly won't be here till Monday, so I am gonna monitor all I can with this one and see the difference when the new one comes.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if there's a change in the draw when I get the new PSU. I wonder if it does not draw more at the moment because there just isn't any with this crap PSU!! I dont know how these things work. But I'll compare notes with the new power supply and report back here....
  8. Thanks for the link Mack. I figured out how to read my GPU draw..... thanks guys. Mine does not seem to get over 20amps right now. Thats playing Oblivion with everything turned on. I shall keep my eye on it though.
  9. Ok its on order!! The OZC 600 insane gamer one. haa! And are you talking about Atitool or Ati Tray tool. I can't find those settings in either. And as far as I know, Atitool .24 the latest version does not support the X1900XTX, Right? Overclocking is disabled..... Maybe you could let me know what version you use and even send a screen, that would be helpfull. Thanks !
  10. Yeah, gimme proper power man! This PSU sucks. There's not even a dedicated PCI-E cable! Thanks Ellis for bringing this to light. I'm going to do some reading then get a better one.
  11. I've now resolved the IRQ conflict. And yes you're right, the X-FI was a part of the problem. to much going to IRQ 5, including the network controller and the Video card and the X-FI. But Its sorted now. I think you hit the nail on the head with the PSU. After some searching in the forums, it is listed right here on DFI-street as a PSU to be avoided!! It's made by Turbolink. So tell me, does this sound like PSU problems....... When I play games, and the GPU gets hot, and I have all the nice bells and whistles turned on.... I get bad pauses and stutters after playing for a time, and I even get crazy graphical artifacting in some games, lines shooting out into infinity, missing polygons, and loads of colored blobs all over the screen. First time I saw this kind of problem was with my 7900GTX card from XFX, which I just RMA back to newegg thinking there was something wrong with it~!.... its now been replaced by a new Saphire X1900XTX. And just now, moments ago, for the first time.... I got the exact same graphical corruption with this new X1900XTX, as I did with the 7900GTX Nvidia card. Exactly the same! Does that sound like PSU or what? Because surely it can't be that these two completely different cards have the very same problems, can it? Here is my PSU details, maybe you guys can tell me something from looking at this. Do I need a new PSU? if so what one shall I get ? Thanks for any help
  12. I am running the Omega 6.5 drivers at the moment. Well, I've had some progress. I formated the whole thing and started over, and as soon as I got into windows it started again. It seems the X1900XTX is using IRQ 5 along with the network controller. In fact there are 4 things sharing that IRQ, is that normal? I remember years ago being able to change IRQ's myself in device manager. Can't seem to do that anymore...It just felt like I was having a conflict there. So at the moment, I have the Marvell Yukon Gigabit ethernet controller disabled. And the rig is running ok apart from crashes in games!! Pauses and bad stutters. Which result in reboots sometimes. Playing Oblivion the game will just hang out of the blue, sometimes after 2 hours, sometimes after 5 mins, then my monitor turns off, I wiggle the mouse and it wakes up and then I can carry on playing the game. So BIG pauses happening. MY temps look ok to me. the GPU is not going much over 70 and its not overclocked. Any thoughts? I don't have a RAID array set up at the moment, and I've just put a second drive in, is that going to cause me problems? To be honest I dont know anything about RAID.
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