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  1. I have had 3 of these boards now and the only 1 that ever worked properly was the A01 which i bought last christmas 05. Im workin on a A03 right now and its a heap of junk!!! I swear be prepared to rip your hair out. I got mine from Overclockers 2 days ago and still am not able to get it to reset
  2. Oh well, thats the 24H full cmos flash over and no difference :sad: Im just gonna hold on to it for a few days see wat components i can gather up, see if i can find out if its a compatibility issue. Thx for your help and let me kno if you got any ideas.
  3. But it doesnt boot on the first beep, it reset straight away and does another diagnostic then beeps again and posts and have you not read the above?? This board is brand new, I had it in the post yesterday :sad: . This is also not the board in the sig, this is about my brothers RDX200 A03.Thx
  4. ok will do, its just about 2 hours till iv finished my full 24h cmos reset too so ill defo be gettin a accurate test P.S This mobo beeps twice, most of the time it beeps once but then resets again and boots the second time, so should i release insert on the first or second beep?? i kno your gonna say on the second but thought i better ask
  5. as i said in the post above, thats exactly what ive done. I have the mobo resting on 2 plastic DVD cases with just a psu,cpu,ram and gfx attached. I do this now everytime as i no longer have faith in DFI. I dont have a hdd attached as it is not vital to testing of this sort.
  6. Obviously Iv taken into concideration that it could be a compatibility problem but i used to have a RDX200 A01 which had exactly the same parts in it and it worked fine apart from startin up randomly during the night. Now Iv had 2 newer revisions of the board and theyr both screwed! I thought they were ment to get better as they matured not worse!!! Im so P***ed off right now you guys couldnt even begin to imagine. atm the mobo is in state of cmos reset (full) and iv got til 11 tonite to try n boot it up again for the full 24H reset, and if that dont work im just gonna go insane and prob try and feed it to my annoyin flatmate :mad: Can any1 help me with what component may be screwing up this Setup. Thx in advance
  7. was it something i said?? sounds like your abandonning me??
  8. i just did a hour cmos reset, and i am only runnin the bare minimum cpu,ram,psu n gfx. and just now as i turned it off to reset cmos to try n boot it up again it knocked itself on . surely this isnt the work of a mis-build??
  9. Hehe, i understand where ur coming from but i am not tryin to run the 2 sets together im just pointing out all the different parts iv used to test the mobo P.S I have built a few systems guys honestly, mayb too many i doubt its my building techniques but thanx for your guide
  10. Hey guys, I've just had a replacement board from Overclockers. the original problem was that the board did not reset after entering bios or pretty much anything. Although i got it to reset once iv never been able to recreate. Now ive just cracked a brand new RDX200 open, straight from Overclockers and guess wat???.... Still the same problem!!!!!! Im about to give up, i cant take it no more. Obviously they tested the old board and had the same problem and i know its a diff board coz its a different revision (A03) the old one was a A04. So wat is goin on?? Is one of my parts corrupting it or something?? 3700 sandy kabye 1G 2x512 ballistix ddr400, 2G 2x1024 ballistix ddr500 enermax Ain1 600W, cheapy gold plated 650W G7300 GS, X1800XT 512 Thats all i connected coz i was just testing it on the bench cause i wont put a mobo straight in, iv had too many breakers from DFI!!! Can someone please help before i do something dum.thx before hand. P.S if possible could we turn this thread into a "hating DFI" thread plz lol.
  11. I have the enermax noisetaker all in 1 by the looks of it (EG701AX-VE(W) SFMA (24P) 600W). I toke the cpu from a working PC because i needed to send the flakey mobo back that the unit was runnin on. Ive sent for a replacement of the Ultra D so i still need your help if you think it could be my other hardware. Im so grateful for your time guys Thanx
  12. HI all, just had the chance to finally get to work on my new Ultra D and the stupid thing wont post I get all the diagnostics LEDs then 1 by 1 they go off so obviously all my components are there and registering but when my monitor fires up after recieving signal theres nothin there. I get no beeps from my onboard speaker (I have changed jumpers) its just starts, fan speeds calm but i get nothing. I have also tested it all with a different pc so it cant be my monitor and iv tested with 2 graphics cards x1800xt and 7300 gs, i have also changed the ram 512 then 1G then 2G. Im so sick of this,can someone help me before i lose all faith n fling the component coffin outta the window thanx in advance P.S i just read the announcement about DFI support, i would just like to know if im doing something wrong, thx again
  13. damn RMA section on DFI.com wont let me complete the RMA forms. Says JSE error??? I got a Ultra D on the way can anyone point me in the direction to the best bios for the Ultra D to get the best out of my sandy core?? Thx guys
  14. while i was putting my pc back together after using all parts to test my bro's rig i left the rdx in box with battery out and cmos jumper set 2-3 reset. left it like that for about an hour before testing it again. still no luck. Ill try using the batt from my cfx3200 and will get back to you shortly hopefully.Thanks guys
  15. ye i know what you mean but thats not the problem. If i entered bios and went straight to save and exit it wont restart not even after power off and on again or reset.Atfer going into bios and then the crash it wont restart until i reset the cmos. Or if i try installing windows and the installation automatically resets the pc then again it wont come back on until i cmos reset . Iv had a good fiddle all day and tryed flashing bios, flash went great and when it finished it actually resets?!?!?! but then when i enter bios to load default settings and S+E it wont restart??? Im so confused.I cant be to blame I only got the board today built it up on the bench to test and never worked properly.Thanx Jorg
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