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  1. i want to buy this TV... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16889102055 for what it says... it can play 1080p Movies/games right? now... what should i buy??? xbox 360? or ps3? i never had a game console! i allways used my pc! now i wanna try one of those... what has better graffics? i read a lot of reviews but im still not clear enough! i need ur help guys... so i want to know wich one is better. better grafics/surround sound. and also if someone has this tv... please tell me how it works! im also planing on using it as my pc monitor
  2. nop! im staying with amd!... if anyone knows... whats the max Res i can use using it as a monitor with this tv... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16889102055 because i heard that if ur not going to play games above 1900x u dont need more than 320mb is that right? so my question is... what is better 2x 7950GT xfx 512MB oc or 2x 8800gts xfx 320mb? because 8800GTS has a better technologie but if u see at the benchmarks and tests... the sli in 7960gt series are better
  3. ok this is the thing. im about to do a nice investment on my pc... current pc: 64 3000+, 1Gig, SLI-dr Expert, 2x 6800gs in sli... Ill buy 64 4600+x2 , Nforce 590i and... here is my question??? 2 7950GT 512MB in sli are better than 1 8800GTS 320 or 640mb? Im going to use this TV as my Monitor for the PC/ and my Xbox 360 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16889102055 i think the Max resoltion i can use on that TV is 1336x780 isnt it? so that will be my max Res. what do u think? 2 7950GT in sli? 1 8800GTS 640mb? 2 8800GTS 320mb? or make an effort and buy a 8800GTX 768? This is the thing... as the tv max res is 1300x780 i think... im not going to play games in more than 1600x1200. if im wrong correct me... but i think max res is 1300. and i dont wanna have like... The Best card and not use it... i play World of warcraft a lot ( that game does not need big videocard ) and FSX, not games like fear, ghost recon or stuff like that. mostly strategic games and i love sistems with SLI! thats why i ask for sli options with the GTS and the 7950... so what do u think?
  4. im planning on upgrading my video cards... right now im 2 6800 xfx xxx edition! they worked great for me! exelent cards! but... when i got the Flight simulator X... the FPS went down a lot! and i had to sacrifice alot of details in the game to play it... im from Argentina and in a few days im going to go to the us... i also dont want to change the SLI dr expert because its a rock! maybe in the future ill change the board. but right now its a great board.... i was thinking staying with XFX brand, i looked at Newegg.com and i saw the 7950GT 512MB passive cooling card @ $270, and the others were cheaper... what would u recomend me to buy? i like SLI sistems. so im not planning on buying 1 8800, or 1 7950 gx2... i just want 2 cards. (thats why i bought the sli board ). so my question is... would i be able to play FSX at 1280x1024 / 1600x1200 at max details with 2 7950GT 512mb in sli? any owners in here of those cards in sli? please post or link 3dmark and other benchmarks. i also want to change CPU ( 3000+ Venice 939 ) with a 4.400+ single core or a 3800+ Dual core... what is best? ok... ill wait for ur answers!.
  5. ... what??? msmolt eliis D... r u writing in some kind of strange idiom? what do u mean?
  6. im working on my signature now!... the box of the psu says 520W modstream SLI Ready thats why i put modstream sli ready!
  7. WC for CPU... 3000+ @ 2500 @ 27º 2 6800GS extreme edition with NVsilencer 5 rev3 @ 32ºidle 38ºfull 1 Evercool RE for NF4 Chipset i hope u like the case and any recomendations are welcome! tnx guys for helping me and answering my noob questions...
  8. whats beter... to have a longer circuit of water or to have a shorter cirquit? some say that when u got more water in your circuit u got more disipation and some other say that if u have a short circuit its going to be better? what is true? long tubbing with more water? or short tubbing and less water? pd: i got a thermaltake bigwater
  9. hi guys im about to buy 2 sytrin VF1... not VF1 plus... to change 6800gs stock cooling! they r too noise... my question is... are they going to fit ??? i have no problems with the lower card but the upper card? is the sytrin going to fin betwen the upper card and lower? and if u have to choose another pasive cooling or active cooling what would you choose if u have 6800 gs in sli and the expert mobo... if u have pics with 2 cards in an expert board with the stock cooling changed ! please post them ! and tnx for the replys
  10. OK dude ( blaise ) ur tha best! lol... i did what u told me to do and now it works! i can see all the configuration of mobo in the sandra... the issue was the temp thing... anyone know? where can i get new drivers with temp issues fixes... btway... heres a pic of my PC... its not finished yet... but its almost done... 2 cases together to make 1... in case 1... the mobo and cards... in case 2... the watercooling stuff and drives/dvd-rw and aerocool... http://img96.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10353851ba.jpg http://img80.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10353581du.jpg http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10353602ay.jpg http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10353620ge.jpg when i finish my pc in 1 week... with all the light switchs. buttons and the cables hidden ill upload more pics! and tnx a lot for ur help guys! im really happy with this machine!
  11. the temp reads that i see are the bios one and the Nvidia monitor that comes with the expert cd!... and the pc is stock and its not in my plans to overclock it! its so expensive to get a pc like this in south america and im not going to risk parts... when i get the money ill get an X2 but im good now with mi 64bits 3.000! ill try to download that everest program!... lets see what happens! so... its a common issue in expert mobos to test them in sandra! anyone here got a solution? driver maybe or something?¿ tnx blaise for that info ill try and do that... u did that and now u can run sandra? or u still cant?
  12. i play a lot of games at high quality setup and nothing happens! the sistem is stable with games... i only see that problem in SANDRA... and all versions of sandra do the same... the computer is a... amd-64bits venice 3.000 1giga ram 400mhz dual channel ( 2x512) a maxtor 80 gigas sata2 ... and i run my pc with the OCZ sliready modstream 620w and 2 geforce 6800gs XFX in sli! never had an issue! but it makes me mad that i cannot enter sandra to see motherboard stuff... other thing... my computer runs with watercooling... ( bigwater ) and my cpu temp is like 15-17º and i think that is wrong! maybe im having an old version of a driver! if yes... where can i download the new driver to fix that! maybe that temp thing is what is causing me the problem! sorry for my english but im from argentina!... tnx for answers and remember to link me where can i download the driver
  13. i have my sli-dr runing great! with no problems at all! lastets bios... everithing works fine! but when u run sisoft sandra and i run the system summary the pc turns off.. what could it be? all other functions work well... the benchmarks the info. processessor info and stuff... but when i click on motherboard info or sistem summary the computer turns off... anyone else with this problem? how can i solve it?
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