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  1. ^^^^^ Tells the odd joke here & there & some arent too bad either :shake:
  2. ^^^^^^^ Is too busy helping others to notice 1/2 his sig has died :nod:
  3. A fact that may or may not hold some weight is FSP made quite a few of OCZ's PSU's like the GX 6 & 700 etc. Or put another way FSP is as good as OCZ & vice versa.
  4. It would be far cheaper just to buy a replacement BIOS chip pre flashed with the new BIOS.
  5. Looks like a 512MB 8800GT or maybe if the budget will stretch an 8800GTS http://www.compumsa.be/scripts/foxisapi.dl...Nvidia%208800's Or maybe a 3850 3870 http://www.compumsa.be/scripts/foxisapi.dl...&N=12&titre=ATI
  6. RAID+IDE to run RAID 0 & still be able to use the IDE for optical units.
  7. You should be able to change the J-Micron from native IDE to Disables, AHCI+IDE & RAID+IDE.
  8. To the best of my memory set the SATA mode to RAID or AHCI for RAID on the intel controller & set the J-Micron to native IDE.
  9. Its good but its fairly rare in the UK, its expensive, I haven't seen a lot of people using it & some boards don't like booting CAS 3 so it wouldn't be top of my list. Any D9 based PC2 6400 will do you well but if you want to crank it up you need to look around & see what others are doing it with on the ASUS. The way I look at it is RAM is cheep atm & for the sake of an extra £20 to get a high spec PC2 8500 kit you will have piece of ming knowing your overclock is not going to be RAM limited & you should be able to run nice safe low voltage.
  10. This list will help you find D9's http://ramlist.ath.cx/ddr2 Micron D9 is good stuff alright especially when it comes to mhz but with everybody now wanting 4GB to do 1000~1100mhz its not the be & end all it used to be, the powerchip based 4GB kits can do 1000~1100mhz on low voltage @ a decent price. Most QVL lists are not worth wiping your a**e with if you want to overclock as they don't really cater for overclockers. Your best bet would be IMO to do some research & find out what RAM is working well on your board & go with that.
  11. OCZ 2GB http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?quicklinx=4RR0 I have seen these under £70 somewhere but I cant find them again. Edit it was Specialteck.co.uk that had these for £69.95 but they are now out of stock. These are also a good deal http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/...productId=26597 OCZ 4GB http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.a...ProductID=27615 & http://www.memoryc.com/products/descriptio..._kit/index.html Or Cheeper http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/...productId=30154 GSKILL 4GB http://www.memoryc.com/computermemory/ddr2...0pc28000pq.html
  12. 2GB Kit I would have the OCZ 8500 SLI's 4GB Kit I would go for the 8000 reaper kit or the G.sKILL 4GB kit. CN P.S OT / Nice to se someone local to me on here.
  13. Not being funny or anything but you could probably buy a new Sampron for the same sort of money a Jeweller would charge to try to repair your old one.
  14. An 8 hour ish crash is almost certainly be memory related IMO. I would try running prime 95 with a custom fft of 4096 ~ 4096 & see if it will make an hour or so. I wouldn't rule the 975X/G out just yet, the 975 chipset is a great performer when you get it knuckled down. As for a suggestion for a new board I would say really any P35 based board is a good board & they all perform well. I personally would look at DFI, Abit & Giga as all of these make decent well priced boards. One last thing & its possibly a bit of a bad thing to say/recommend is have you hit the chip with some vcore, my e4300 was a volt hog big time & my biggest problem wasn't getting it to run it was keeping it cool.
  15. Its a bit of a fiddle but if it is a CPU boot issue you could always boot @ say 275mhz then overclock using Clockgen. Clockgen has a feature that will save your settings & automatically apply them once its booted.
  16. I had an E4300 on my 975X/G for a short while, it was fine up to 350fsb & would happily run just over 400fsb with clockgen but anything over 350 was a guessing game as to whether it would boot or not. Sometimes I used to reboot the rig, it would fail making the clicking sound & I would walk off to make a cup of tea & when I got back it was in windows most of the time. I had every C2D except a 6800 on my 975X/G, I even tested friends & work CPU's on it as well & in the end I came to the same conclusion Wavsspot has, the 4300 was the worst CPU with the 975X/G & it was pot luck as to whether you got one that booted well or not. My e4300 had no problems on my ICFX only the 975X/G. Here is my old girl in action with the 4300 http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...27&postcount=56
  17. What they said + HW Monitor for an alternative Website http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php Direct download http://www.cpuid.com/download/HWMonitor.zip CN
  18. As far as I am aware the 8800's require 400w & 26A minimum recomended by nvidia. I was going to give you the link to the EZ-Cool website http://www.ezcooluk.com but it's down so I just googled the EZ-Cool & the links I posted are what come up. I think the specs listed on the YOYO Tech site are out as the 600w PSU's I use have a single 36A 12v rail model ATX-600 JSP. I haven't actually used the 600w dual rail PSU as I just go for the 700w dual rail version as a next step up, its model number is PS-1000 & it has 2 x 20A rails. http://www.dclstore.co.uk/products.asp?man...=53&product=201 CN
  19. I use these for budget builds, both have nice long cables rather than most cheap PSU's that have 12-18 inch of wire that wont reach the mobo!!! Cheap Cheap single rail one http://www.yoyotech.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=307 Better quieter smoother dual 12v rail one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/EZCool-Tornado-Super...ksid=p1638.m118 Hope this help. CN
  20. Thanks fmc_boss I was admiring your Cortina, I had a black 1600E as one of my first cars although it didn't have quite so many ponies as your one it stuck to the road really good.
  21. Goodo you cant beat XP. Memtest is fine for a ballpark test but you so often know roughly what your RAM will do at what voltage anyway I see no real need to use it as a stability tester. For my money I would much rather use Prime custom to shake my RAM down as I find its heal hard on the RAM & unlike Memtest you are actually stability testing in Windows at in windows voltage as you often need to add a bit of voltage from Memtest to Windows. Basically everybody goes about things in there own way but at the end of the day if you work to a process eliminating things as you go not only will you quickly understand what you are doing but you will quickly get your rig up & running. 1.5v sounds a lot for 3.6 thats still unstable I wouldn't put to much more to it just yet. Have you got the droop control disabled to eliminate vdroop ? Is your Q6600 a B3 or a G0 ? CN
  22. When I read your 1st post it sounded like you were stable then moved on to 450 x 8 where you started to have problems. Have you ever had it run stable at a lower overclock ? If you have never had the RIG stable you may be having memory problems with Vista, did you install with 2GB & patch Vista using KB929777 ?
  23. Heres my play toy 1996 Nissan Skyline GTS Type M Spec 2
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