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  1. Jump ship?? I still havent even gotten an RMA cause the techs believe nothing is wrong.. I had to dish out 80 bucks for another mobo to prove them wrong.. I told OCZ that my mem might be causing my problems..they said go ahead and send it back for testing or rma.. I old dfi techs that my mobo might be causing problems.. they said 99% of their mobos dont cause problems.. I guess mine was the 1%. I'm still going to try to rma my mobo since im not in the mood to toss away 120 bucks. Once I get it back I will probably just build another pc on the board. Otherwise..I'm not jumping ship because the mobo is crapped out. I'm just pissed with the customer service. Paying for a new mobo is about the same I'm going to pay for on the rma shipping. No way was I going to buy another dfi board if Im having trouble rma'n the first damn one.
  2. Id rather play BF2 then watch Primetest or memtest.. Overclocking doesnt mean anything if the computer is not stable.
  3. So after about 2-3 weeks of problems, I spent 80 bucks for a new mobo (asus) and am reinstalling windows right now. After windows reinstall I will load up bf2 and see if the game works.. If everything is fine... that means my DFI mobo was the culprit as previously thought.
  4. At one point I was able to get into bios, and do some memtests that froze before the 1st pass..about 3 mins into testing. After numerous testing, I basically now power up to 4 leds turned on.. with enough reboots, I get into 3 leds with a beep every few seconds.. When I do get into bios it freezes up in a few seconds. I've already posted my problems with no viable solutions. Was just wondering about my mobo revision just to see if I can pinpoint which piece of equipment is faulty.
  5. Don't have any other sticks of mem. I'll be doing rma on the mem and board this weekend.. hopefully my video card, cpu, and ps are okay.
  6. All the problems I've been experiencing has me searching for tons of ideas on where the problem lays. I thought I read a post stating rev A.02 is stable. I bought the board off newegg a little over a month ago. My rev is a.00. Is that a clue for a possibility of a problem board?
  7. Update 7/7/6 Since yesterday my board has not posted. It basically has 4 leds and after clearing cmos it has 4 leds, and after a few reboots and power-offs, and powers ons it goes into windows and autos off and 4 leds turn on. The techs are pretty postive about their mobo being fine.. even though it freezes on 3 leds, 2 leds, 4 leds, 1 led. It doesnt post, It doesnt boot up. It freezes in bios. Somehow all the new stuff I bought is defective but not the mobo. My new psu is defective. My new hd is defective. My cpu is defective. Both sticks of ram are defective. My new mouse is defective. My windows xp is corrupt. My video card is new and defective. The mobo is not because its not possible and very rare.. This is my first nfi board and probably the last. I dont even think I can get it rma'd cause from the sound of it..the nfi techs rather blame all my problems on psus to video cards, from memory to my mouse.. I sent another email to techs last night only to get an email back saying my email has been delayed... probably because i forgot to put a stamp on it. I'm pretty frustrated in this whole situation because for some reason the techs wont even acknowledge the board might be a dud... Hell.. if it caught fire I'm pretty sure they'd start blaming it on the nitrogen content of the soil in South Africa and not a defective mobo.
  8. I have a powerstream.. all the parts are brand new.. I have another post about my problems.. My nightmare is the post title. I'm trying to rma my mobo along with the memory.
  9. I emailed dfi tech support with my issues and they are saying the ps might be the issue causing my lockups in memtest and reboots in winxp. Does anyone run this combo of ps and video card?
  10. Hey Joop, Testing has actually caused my computer to degenerate more to the point of the computer basically rebooting into 4 leds about 3 mins in windows. I'm going to rma my memory and will also rma my board. I cant seem to find any info on the dfi main site about rma'in anything. Do i just contact support?
  11. I have my temps below Atx +3.3v voltage 3.32v atx +5.0v voltage 5.10v atx +12v voltage 12.28v atx +5VSB voltage 5.13V battery voltage 12v cpu core temp 33c pw area temp 33 chip set temp 44
  12. My first stick froze on test 5 after 6 passes. I'll try it again. My 2nd test froze on test 5 after 5 passes. Im going to start taking about everything this weekend and will RMA the mem and motherboard.
  13. Yes.. Just got 2 errors running test 5 only. I'm going to go ahead and swap in my first stick and run memtest 5 only and see what happens. failing address 0000af4d3a8 - 175.8mb fff7ffff ffffffff 00080000 0000bf4d388 - 191.8mb fff7ffff ffffffff 00080000
  14. I'm trying your suggestions Joop.. But I mostly dont get errors during memtest. It outright just freezes. It will be testing and them everything just stops. I cant get to any menus.. All i can do is reboot. Im running just test 5 now on my 2nd dimm.
  15. Im actually having major problems with my computer as well. My memtest freezes every time I run it. I run 1 stick at a time. Ive tried all the dimm slots. I've tried multiple timings. Freezes everytime. When I skip memtest, I log into windows, and a few minutes later the computer freezes, or reboots, or screen goes black and the 4 leds light up.
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