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  1. I had brought up this problem before (like 2 months ago), i tried everything you guys recommended but it didn't work. Clear cmos (every kind), rebuilding the system outside the case, all power cables are connected (%100 sure nothing is missing) The power goes to the mobo but it doesn't boot, nothing happens... Maybe i should try it again... Now i have a dfi ultra-d mobo but i can sell this mobo if i can get it working. Thank you !
  2. I have a DFI LP NF4 SLI-DR motherboard. When i plug everything in (followed how to build with a DFI mobo guides) and press the start button, nothing happens. The system wont power up. When it is on standby position, only the amber light at the bottom turns on. DRam power is off, so what is this mean ? Where might be the problem at ? (All other components are working for sure) Thank you
  3. Are the fans connected to mobo ? I had a similar problem, check this out : http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65767
  4. Thank you guys, i am all good now, didnt need to change any component. PSU is running fine. I plugged all the fans to the PSU. Thank you again !
  5. Ok i got the psu fan working too but i am scared to run my PC, there should be a problem and i might not be lucky next time. The 3 pin connector (FAN2) on the mobo doesnt work. I plugged the psu fan connector to the one at the bottom i think its FAN4 or FAN5 and it worked there. Could this cause because my bios is corrupted or smtg ? And i have checked the voltages while i was in PC Health in Bios, my voltages are : +3.3V 3.4V +5.0V 5.08V +12.0V 12.15V +5VSB 5.10V Are those normal ? tHANK YOU !
  6. ooh and the psu fan works if i remove it from the psu and make it work by itself...
  7. it worked, i dropped the temp in the section you told me and they dont stop spinning now.... but the PSU fan still doesnt work !! even if i try another 3 pin connector on the mobo
  8. My system specs : DFI LP NF4 ULTRA-D Amd Opteron 170 G-skill HZ 2x1GB Evga 7900gt Enermax Liberty 620W Yesterday my computer shut down while i was playing cs1.6 After the shut down one of the led fans spinned for 2 secs and than nothing I restarted the computer and it was fine. Than i left it like that for an hour. After i got back i saw the system was shut down. I pressed the power button and it powerd up and after 3 or 5 secs later the chipset fan slowed down and turned off, same like the 120mm exhaust fan which is connected to the mobo. The PSU fan didnt work at all (it also connects to mobo) After these components go off, the system would still work, i could even boot up to windows but i didnt since the chipset fan didnt work. I can go to BIOS and the system can stay on when no power goes to the fans on the mobo. Where could be the problem at, motherboard or the PSU ? I am so lost... Thank you !
  9. I solved the problem but should i update "OCZ Tony's 704-2BTA" version ? I dont know which one i got now. And can u give me a download link for that. thank you !
  10. I flashed my DFI Lanparty NF4 ULTRA-D to the 2nd file in this link (that has .BIN file in it) : http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=US I used winflash and i selected all (Main Block, Boot block, DMI block) and it asked me "...... is already loaded. Dou wanna load again ? " and said "no" than it started flashing my BIOS, i didnt stop it and it finished flashing and said it was "succesfully done" and gave me the restart pompt. I restarted and it went to the "F5" screen (safe mode, last known settings etc...) i said start windows normally and it restarted again, tried again same. Tried last knwn setting, didnt work either. I cleared cmos by removing battery and moving jumpe to the normal to clear positin, waited 5 mins and tried again, same thing... I fried my SLI-DR 2 weeks ago and i got this ultra-D, is this one gone too, i am gonna cry. ... Any suggestions ?
  11. Sorry but i dont have time to search thru all 21 pages. I just asked a simple question. And u gave me the rudest answer u could. If u dont wanna answer thats fine leave it, someone will answer. I am still asking the same question ? U can give me a direct link so i can read or just give me an answer please. Why do we have to plug that 4 pin HDD and FFD connectors to the mobo since the hdd and floppy disk are both getting their power directly from the PSU. If its for stability, do i still need to connect FFD connector if i dont have a floppy disk in my system. And one more question : My PSU only has one 4 pin floppy connector how could i make my floppy disk run if i connect it to the mobo. Thank you very much !
  12. I didnt get one thing. What is that 4 pin molex connector for ? Do we really need to conncet that ? I ran my mobo without it for a month. And i even pluuged a led light there So i should connect a 4 pin conncetor from the PSU. rIGHT ?
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