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  1. I realize my CPU is my systems limiting factor. My GPUs can handle much more than my current CPU can provide I may even get a higher model such as the 4600+ or 4800+. I am looking for at least a 20%+ performance gain. I there any suggestions, they are welcome. I only have a $250 USD budget.
  2. I want to upgrade my AMD 3700+ single core to something that would do my dual BFG 7800GTs more justice than the AMD 3700+. My BIOS is the first release which I believe is the 11/02, which I down graded to because instablilty with the second BIOS release that my MOBO defaulted with. Will the first release BIOS reconize dual cores? and Will I have to re-install my OS if I upgrade? Does anyone else have a setup like mine using the 4400+? If so how are your 3Dmark scores and FPS in games?
  3. Has anyone had problems for the most part using 2 7800GTs in SLI on Expert? THis is just a general question and your responses would help alot... Thanks -Dee
  4. since we're on the topic on HyperX, Should I run my modules in their respective slots? I other words both PC3500 in yellow and both PC4000 in orange? I have passed memtest for 12 hours... But would this futher my stability?
  5. I am not pissed about it anymore, but my problem was I got 3 pairs of faultly 7900gts, 2 sets from evga and 1 from xfx, I do run BIOS 11/02 and I have ran prime95 torture test for 48 hours and ran MEMTEST for 48 hours with no problems, I test my buddies 7800gts in SLI and that worked fine for a week, he used his old 6800GT to help a brotha out. ...I was realy pissed about those cards not working, I guess they mass produced a batch of shotty cards...and I had the luck of getting all bad ones...oh well... anyone have problems with the 7800GTs?
  6. This is just a warning, this may save you headache... The 7900 (G71) graphics card series is a botch design I propose it is hardware related for the following reasons: 7900 series owners experience problems in SLI and single card solutions such as artifacts, black lines, monitor swirching on and off after a 3D app crash or exiting, freeze/lock ups in 3D apps, polygon anomalies, texture corruption and texture anomalies. This effects 7900 series cards from multiple manufacturers, each using their own BIOS versions, with the use of many different mother boards, power supplies, RAM types, hard drives ect.. Different forceware versions, chipset drivers and BIOS updates have not fix any problems. Yet these problem occur in every (as far as I know) 3D app and I believe 2D apps as well across the board. Some speculate, the design and manufacturing was rushed to compete with ATi, the cards use faulty parts, the BIOSs are bad....which I find hard to believe when many different brands have similar issues. I think the card series needs to be black listed until the problems are resolved. If you want proof, search the forums here, search the forums of any manufacturer of any 7900 series cards. Then you will see, I have researched this for almost 2 weeks straight. Hell, dare I say....google it. Its mostly forum based, reviewers do not tested long enough to experience the the problems..as far I have read.
  7. problem solved! The 7900 series is prone to massive issues, its the cards! BTW 6600 series is also prone to problems...I would stay away until they are resolved.
  8. There should be a sticky on the 7900 series... The 7900 series is BROKEN! Alot of people (including) myself are experiencing problem with the 7900 series, the cards development was rushed, there are flaws in its design no one has pin-pointed it exactley yet, but it is hardware related (at least most think so). BFG, eVGA and XFX 7900 card owners have all reported issues with the card series. each company has their own BIOS for the cards and they apt to the same problems. So in turn the cards GPU , the G71 and memory controller seem to have purely hardware problems, excluding overheating which the voltage regulator does quite well. Some say that there voltage regulator reachs 100c+. I am RMAing my 3rd set, thats right my 3rd pair of 7900s, and getting two 7800GTs... On the topic of your MOBO, if you are using the expert version, use BIOS 11/02/05. This BIOS is known to work very well with SLI.
  9. i have it installed... but I am not "using" it, other then the monitor
  10. I havent play games for a prolonged time, but when I do, I have no issues. I am running ES:Oblivion, CSS and FEAR. using chip set drivers that came with my MOBO...which came with BIOS 12/7 which i down graded to 11/2, where do I find new, old ect chipset drivers BTW. games rez are @1200x1600 mostly, vid card graphic driver is 84.21 and I am running SP1 WinXP pro... BTW nVidia monitor repoert my MEM and CORE volts are being stressed, I have no idea what to do hear, I am new to the volt thing adjusting thing... they report as: CPU 1.45 <--- reports as stable and NOT stressed MEM 2.5600 ...I have it set at 2.6 CORE 1.5304 <---no idea waht core is exactley
  11. I pass memtest and I running them t2... you think its because I am mixing ram timings?
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