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  1. Ok, now I have tried the jumpers, I took them out completely(there are two) and I tried different configs with them. Did not work, I swear I don´t touch anything before or after the restart. Today I took out my HDD and went to a friend of mine trying to install windows there with my own disc. Guess what? It didn´t work, it was the same problem. I changed the boot priority on his comp to 1.CD 2.HDD 3.Floppy and when that didn´t work, I tried switching the boot priority around. Nothing worked!! Well, I think my HDD is dead.. since it didn´t work at his place either! I tried going into BIOS after the reboot and set the new priority but no good. Is it possible to go to BIOS in the middle of the install? I tried but... Anyways.. I bought a fresh pair of ocz gold pc4000 500mhz 1Gb sticks for 190$.. was that a bargain or am I being ripped off? The should ship to me next week or so.. And should I think of getting a new HDD? I have a hard time believing my 80Gb hitachi is dead... It worked perfectly before and the mobo can atleast find it before installation begins... Oh well... kinda depressed today.. got dumped by girlfriend for the past 3 years... If I get my 1100$ rig working I´ll be happy again though! Cheers!!
  2. Wen it gets to the countdown, 15 secs, I usually just press enter and that should be ok right? Even if I let the timer go down, not pressing anything. Still, it reboots, a screen stating the videocards specs shows for a few seconds, then the LANPARTY nf4 logo appears, then the BIOS version + RAID controller screen(it asks if I want to install RAID), then comes the screen with HDD S.M.A.R.T disabled + pci devices list and at the bottom the text that says CMOS has been updated correct and at the very bottom "boot from CD". Can i shut down the CD on the second run in the BIOS? How do I change(in BIOS) so that ir reads only from HDD? Can I do that between the first phase of installation and the secon(when it reboots after copying)? I checked my RAM... Its ok, tested for 2.5h 2.5 4 4 7 is the timings Could it perhaps be the memory despite all this? can I get a decent module for lets say... 140$? thanks again guys!!
  3. How is it btw possible to go in the BIOS after the reboot? should I do as I normally would? or would that make everything on the HDD go blank again? As in, can I go in to the BIOS and change boot order precisely after the reboot?
  4. I have now tried switching the jumpers on the HDD to a number of different configuration, i even tried installing with no jumpers at all. If I switch so the RAM is in the module closest to the CPU it wont boot at all When formatting I choose NTFS fast, I tried full also but no good I´m not sure about this thing called boot order, are there any screenshots you guys have so I can see. I have tried to change it the best I could it BIOS, eaving HDD only as boot option, It still boots from CD though. I have only one IDE, one CD-rom, videocard and keyboard(I only have ps2 keyboard..) installed right now. After the RAID check, a screen appears that tells me the name of the master and slave HDD and CDrom, I only have one of each. Also on the screen it tells me that S.M.A.R.T HDD is disabled and then there is a list of PCIdevices, no.1 on that list says memory controller is N/A The rest is stuff like USB... at the bottom, it says that CMOS has been updated correctly! Boot from CD then it reads the cdrom and copies to the instllationfolders, reboots and it repeats. I´m unsure about my memory being ok(it´s a budget brand).. but I do not know about what BOOT order is and how to change it in the BIOS, does anyone have a screenshot? I really appreciate all help guys! Beer is on me when this is settled
  5. One more thing... when i start up the system it says among other things: Memory controller............ N/A What does that mean? Can the CPU not communicate with the memory or...?? Thanks again!! I never dreamed of such helpful people!
  6. OK you mean in the BIOS where it says: First boot device: (here it should be CD ROM right?) Second boot device:(and here HDD) Third boot device:(nothing) I´ll try it and see what happens
  7. I tried changing the timings a bit but it didn´t work out, it wouldn´t boot at all. I should not touch the voltage settings right...? Memtest shows no problems with my memory after 1.5 hours of testing. I have read a number of stickies concerning the memory and I suspect that it, as you say, has to be the memory that causes all the trouble. I currently use a budgetbrand 1024Mb stick in the orange slot closest to the edge of the mobo, I tried the on closest to the cpu but it wouldn´t boot at all. I also have a kinston valueram of 512Mb and an unknown brand of 512Mb... a total of 2Gb... But I see now that I need to buy a set of dual 1024 modules with low timings... I guess I couldn´t get away with it after all... Would a pair of OCZ Gold DDR PC4000 500Mhz CL3 (OCZ5002048ELGE-K) be ok? Or maybe OCZ 2GB PC4000 DDR 500MHZ GOLD EDITION? Which would be best u think?
  8. I don´t press any buttons after the reboot, it just skips right to installing again(from scratch), I have tried removing the disc, but then it just says there´s an error: "system boot failure, insert systemdisc and press enter", I do that and it´s back to the beginning. It don´t check the HDD at all. If i run to the store and buy a SATA HDD, do you think that would work? I should perhaps mention that I used the 80Gb HDD on my old rig and had windows installed on that. When I tried to just "plug and play" with the new mobo and CPU. That´s when the problems started. It was like it could find the HDD but not read it.. because I had windows on it previously... now its formatted countless times during theese days:) Could it be the mobo that´s faulty? I check the BIOS and it seems Ok... One more thing, when I start the system it says on the screen, "primary disc, IDE S.M.A.R.T capability disabled". Does that mean anything?
  9. I set the jumpers on the back of the HDD to master setting, but then half(40Gb) dissapeared... I have never had any problems with that drive on my old rig... I´ll try and change it again though. It seems like the HDD just can´t get the fact that the info from the XPdisc has been read and stored on it so.. What exactly do you mean with SCSI card dont have a boot funktion? Does that apply to my HDD? (noob I know...) I´ll tare down my rig today and see if I can fix it!! Thanks for the reply!!
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Torgny, writing this first of many posts from Sweden. I have followed the forum here at dfi-street for some time because I wanted to take the plunge into the Lanparty series of mobo´s. I am a noob, I admit. I have never tried a DFI mobo before but I heard that they´re the best and I wanted the best. Someday, when my little problem has been solved, I might try and OC it... I have searched the forum for this type of problem and it seems to be a unique problem just for me... and it sucks... Ok, here goes... Everything has gone fine, building computer, connecting cables and so forth. But when I try and install windows, it goes through the whole installation to the point where it restarts automatically(because the installation will proceed after the restart it says). But then it just continues installation from scratch, like an endless loop... I have tried everything I can think of. -cleared CMOS -Checked all cables, switched all cables -run Memtest (OK) -Switched slot for memory 1-->2 and back again -tried dfferent XP disc -tried changing to optimal BIOS settings -tried different optical drivers -Switched IDE slots for HDD and optical drivers - Even switched a little jumper on the back of my 80Gb HDD to make it master... that only made it half the size... Honestly, I have no clue of what to do and I would hate to throw in the towel... Please help me! //Steken
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