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  1. Actually I'm quite experienced with installing hardware (built many pcs from scratch) and I know that IDE and SATA have different cables. The thing is, when I connect my SATA drives, WinXP installation will not recognize them unless I press F6 and supply the SATA drivers. However, if I change the operating mode in the motherboard to IDE, I will be able to install WinXP without supplying the drivers in the F6 thing. My question, is there a performance hit when doing that IDE mode (such as not having NCQ - correct me if I'm wrong)? And if yes, can I install WinXP on IDE mode, and install the SATA drivers when I'm done?
  2. I also forgot to mention that I do not want to slipstream the drivers to the installation cd. Why only RAID? What about NCQ? I have to run the HD in SATA mode and not IDE mode for it to work. Will NCQ give me any better performance at all? Maybe it's just a waste of time...
  3. I'm upgrading my PC soon, and I was wondering whether I must intall the SATA drivers during install with F6, or is it possible to install Windows in IDE mode (thought the BIOS), and when I got Windows running - only then to install the SATA drivers and switch to AHCI in the BIOS?
  4. hi I'm planning to buy the Sapphire HD 3450 card (mostly because I want a silent pc and it has passive cooling). I don't play a lot of games but I still want an average fps for the average game. IMO a single 3450 would be a bit weak - so I was thinking about connecting two of them by crossfire. Would that be wise? Or is there a better priced solution which will give more performance for less money? As long as it is silent that is. And is the Corsair HX520 enough for such a setup (including an overclocked quad)?
  5. Thanks, I'll look into those cooler. I'm living in Israel, so it would be a bit irrelevant, heh sorry I had one, until the fan suddently got ripped off the rotating magnet thingy. Not buying a Zalman cooler ever again.
  6. Well, I want it to be as cheap as possible. And will they fit into a 478 socket? edit - should have searched actually Tuniq works with 478, Thermalright no.
  7. Hi, I have an old P4 3.0ghz (Prescott) based PC I want to ugprade. Once I upgrade I want to take this P4 to my bedroom and use it as an internet/openoffice/jukebox machine. I also want it to be as silent as possible, so I was thinking about getting something like this: http://www.cwc-group.com/copasoforinp.html instead of the stock fan (which is awfully noisy). I also want to downclock it so it will generate less heat, thus requiring less and/or slower fans making less noise. I don't need a 3ghz cpu to write a university document while listening to mp3's. Anyway, I was exploring this a bit and I found out that on the motherboard (ASUS P4P-800-E) there is an option to lower the FSB (currently running @ 200) to 100. This would probably mean that the cpu will run at 1500mhz. Unfortunately the multiplier is locked at x15 (is there a way to unlock it btw?). Will this be cool enough so it will run on a fanless heatsink? I will also probably need to lower the voltages as well to reduce heat - but I'm not positively sure I can do it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. I'm asking because I'm about to get a new pc, with the said motherboard. It's DFI, it has FireWire and it's really really cheap. I was thinking about maybe getting the Q9300 because the price difference from the Q6600 isn't that big. Thing is, an overclocked Q6600 will be enough for my needs so it's not THAT important.
  9. I found this: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nvidia....li=&p_topview=1 I guess I'll have to stick to Q6600.
  10. This is what I why I was asking. I know some other mobo manufacturers added support only for the E8 series, not the Q9.
  11. Hey Any idea if the Infinity NF650i ULTRA-T2 will support 45nm quads? Specifically Q9300? I know the chipset can handle it, but it comes down to the mobo manufacturer eventually.
  12. The only temp I can set is the CPU shutdown at PC Health, no System Health here. Anyway, I don't think it's because of the temperatures. Getting quite warm. Used to work 1 min after startup on a cold day, and not it's hot. Seems like many people having problems with it.. I'll check it out.
  13. I noticed today that the chipset fan (the one with DFI sticker on it) is not working. I didn't touch it and the cables are connected properly, so I see no reason why it is like that. Anything else I can do to check it before I go to the place I bought it?
  14. Angry - that was exactly the guide I was reading. Just needed a clear up on terminology. Thanks Burky.
  15. I've been reading the guides and I've think I got it... Need to play with dividers and multipliers... But where are they? pic 1 pic 2 This is what I have.. Where do I change all those settings? :confused: Thanks!
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