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  1. Just added an image, so you know what you're getting.
  2. What's a stacker? No, actually it's a cheap JouJye JJ-2029 (CLICK) which does not have a crossflow fan. I removed and sold its PSU on ebay and replaced it with the PSU in my sig. There's lot's of room in that case, and (most importantly) it's got a blue LED. What do you mean, I don't overclock? Isn't a 3003MHz Opteron good enough for you? :confused:
  3. OMG ! Your case is full of smoke! :nod:
  4. Here are a few images of my cooling solution. Two Arctic Cooling Fan 8 are mounted on perforated steel ribbon which is available from hardware stores. These fans cool the chipset (under the blue Zalman) and the PWM area. The fans rotate at about 700 rpm and are therefore inaudible. The Arctic Cooling Fan 12 (exhaust) spins at 600 rpm - that seems to be enough at the moment, but that may change when the weather gets warmer... You may notice the sound insulation material installed in the case. This machine is used for CAD, some DVD authoring / rendering and a lot of Audio - so it needs to be as quiet as possible. The two Hitachi SATA disks are mounted on Cooltek Disk Silencers. In addition, I used the Hitachi Feature Tool to set the disks to "low noise mode". That may be at the expense of some seek time, but using RAID 0 seems to more than make up for that small loss. As I am not using the rig for gaming, I don't need a high performance graphic card, so I opted for the little Matrox Dual head PCIe x1. It's small (good for airflow), has passive cooling (quiet) and uses a minimum of power. What you can't see in these pictures (because it wasn't installed at that point) is the Chill Innovation Ultrasilent 520W CP-520A2 PSU. It's reasonably quiet - but I made it even quieter by installing a 22 Ohm 1W resistor in series with the 14cm fan to reduce its speed from 900 rpm down to about 770 rpm. Much better! Don't mess around inside your PSU if you're not properly qualified. I hope this provides some inspiration for you. [Case prepared for board] [2 AC 8 Fans] [Chipset Fan] [PWM Area Fan] [There's the graphic card]
  5. Don't worry, the utility itself is not going to harm your system - you can trust me !! :angel: However, if you exceed the recommended maximum vcore for your processor, you do so at your own risk. Personally, I will not go above 1.600v, no matter how good the cooling. It's the voltage, not the temperature which causes long term transistor junction breakdown and shortens the working life of your processor. Don't forget, raising the vcore does not actually make the transistors in your CPU switch faster - it just makes them less sensitive to "noise".
  6. I've got a different board but had a similar problem: After installing the 2006/04/06 BIOS I had massive boot difficulties. Nine from ten times it just would not go past 3 LEDs, no matter what bios settings I used. So I went back to the previous BIOS (2005/11/14). Since then everything has been fine. I hope the next official BIOS will resolve this problem.
  7. Here's a little utility I wrote for myself which I now want to share with you. Some of you may find it useful. You can select a vcore from a sorted list, and the required CPU VID and Special VID will be displayed. It seems to work on XP and NT, at least. Vcore.exe (64k) . . OR . . HERE
  8. I've never measured it, but I'm pretty sure that bag is ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE. Could be wrong, though.
  9. >Probably not. You won't hurt anything by trying it though. I strongly disagree. If it is 22uf it is an electrolytic. Which means it is polarity sensitive. If these devices are connected with the polarity reversed, they usually explode, covering everything with dessicated aluminium foil. Not too healthy for the insides of a computer.
  10. After installing the 2006/04/06 BIOS I too experienced the cold boot problem. So I went back to the previous BIOS (2005/11/14). Since then everything has been fine.
  11. >Basics: The board is sitting on its bag, on its box, on my work bench. That wouldn't be the transparent black plastic one of course. Would it?
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