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  1. I really wish I had an answer for both of us, but I have to RMA something try anything really..:confused:
  2. Well its finally come time for me to RMA. What do you think I should RMA? The actual motherboard or perhaps instead the Powersupply or both? This sounds exactly the same as the cold boot issues threads.. Avenix
  3. I guess it was a little bit of a reach, but I guess I was trying to find comfort in the fact that perhaps I wasnt the only one suffering the problems Im going through right now.. I believe im going to have to RMA , but I wish I knew exactly what it was I have to RMA. My motherboard or my PSU?
  4. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57603 My computer is quite similar to yours , and it seems I'm having the same problem. Both with OCZ power supplies. I very much doubt thats the cause.. buts its kind weird. I know many people have both these power supplies without so much as a hiccup
  5. Its a no go guys. I've taken out the entire system from the case and put it on an insulated surface and im still having the exact same problem occur. lights go on, lights go off, best case scenario is that all 4 lights come on stay on and then there is nothing else except the fan spinning and thats about it. I was thinking maybe it was my Graphics card , but I really dont think thats the case at all.:S
  6. Haha , quite right and yes I had. everything was stable , mem, pie etc. No problems whatsoever. Ive been building computer for quite some time this was my first DFI though. So I did follow the guide according to the forum during the build and well.. here I am taking it out of the case now.:confused:
  7. Thank you all for quick responses, Im currently taking the system out of the case and setting it out on the non conductive material that came with it. This is the last ditch effort I think. I have heard many other people having the same troubles with their boards.. and frankly im very let down. This IS the best board I have ever owned , yet its plagued with troubles. I would still recommend this board to anyone, it just seems I got the one that didnt quite make it. About the aquiring another 939 board.. that may be a little difficult convincing a friend to let me try. Im on a very tight budget (college student ha ha.. ) but I'll try my best. Any other possibilities though? like , the most out of there things to try that wont hurt anything? Im willing , Im sitting here hoping for a miracle anyways. :shake: Also about the shorting out problem.. it doesnt make any sense to me. It had the problems at the beginning , but how would it work for weeks (4) and then decide to stop? It would seem if there was a short it would make itself rather apparent before then? Im not much of an electronics guru that just makes sense to me.
  8. I know most of you have seen this topic before so bare with me for a few minutes.:sad: These issues took place after the computer decided to shut down by itself. My board had a troublesome start to life. It was plagued with the cold boot problems and nothing I could do would fix this. I tried, different ram , different cpu, different psu as well as clearing my cmos the correct way (guide as seen on the forums) and making sure to eliminate anything that could possibly stop the system from posting. The issues that are hand include 1) Failure for system to post past Led diagnostic lights. 2) most often system will load with just 4 lights lit and stay lit. I know this is a failure to recognise cpu most likely, but seeing as though I cant post its kind of hard to get into the bios to make some changes. 3)On the rare occasion that it does get to 3led's lit , it will go up to 4 and count down to 1 at which point it will shut down again. 4) Just press the start button (on either case or board itself) and power will fail completely. (orange led always lit) but computer will just shot down before diagnostic led's begin to communicate. Is there any suggestions that anyone can give me? I Love this board and when it has worked it has been wonderful overclocking and stability wise. I believe part of this problem may be due in part to my bios not sticking , but Im no expert would this be a problem once I was into windows? (im sure that is a yes) Please help Im baffled and would like to try and have a chance at not RMAing my board Just a quick fyi the board was purchases ~1 month ago from ncix.com in Canada.
  9. Well this topic can be closed now as I fixed the issue after a fullnight without the cmos battery and the jumper set to clear. Thankyou everyone.
  10. (11/14/2005) 804 I believe. I would update but you will soon see why I have done a minimal install now with just a hd, mobo, ram, processor and psu I am now experiencing cmos erros at which point I can get into the bios and change a few things, but upon restarting it gives me a boot disk read error. Anyone have some suggestions?
  11. Well to be exact with the problem, it goes up to 4 lights briefly and slowly goes down to one where it stops and beeps. The light stays lit but the fans shut down.
  12. I have just build a new system for myself. Opteron 165, 2 gigs of pc4000 gold xtc and ocz powerstream 520. 3 LEDS turn on when I start the system and over the timespan of about 3 seconds gradually go down to one and the system shutsdown. Now I have built many systems before so I'm not sure what the problem may be (I have never used a DFI board before) 1) I made sure that all the power connecters were plugged into the board 2) I have run the ram in both orange and yellow slots with a single stick to recieve the same error 3) I have an x1300.. not so great of a card by any meens but its all I have to work with because money is tight for me. If someone with knowledge could help me? or if anyone has experienced these things before? I have also reset the cmos and battery twice.
  13. 2x 1GB OCZ EL Gold GX XTC PC4000 3-4-3-8 Still yet to see the limits will let you guys know :shake:
  14. I absolutely agree with this. Also, like DFI they have a great customer policy if you need to RMA anything.
  15. From my own personal experience, I prefer to disconnect the ps from the motherboard when adjusting the rails.. perhaps the more experienced people know better then I , but it seems like an ok precaution you can take :nod: at least it gets rid of another variable that could be a possibility I'm really interested in what went wrong though? I'm not understanding the situation to the best? (perhaps thats my fault haha) I have the same powersupply so answers to this question would be awesome to know :confused:
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