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  1. Like Raju I no longer have any errors or pauses. I'm running 2x 36g Raptors in Raid0 and a single 74g Raptor on the ULI controller. I have a 160g Seagate IDE. I didn't take all the steps that Raju did but I'm using the beta bios and have disabled the ULI controller software from starting up. I also have the SLI controller disabled in the bios. This is my first DFI mb and for the price I was really expecting high quality and good support. I'm disappointed and won't buy DFI again.
  2. The G.Skill tech guy usually posts stable settings for all their memory types and most popular mb's here. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=192
  3. I think there are some tccd settings for g.skill posted here. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ghlight=cfx3200
  4. You just want to uninstall the controller software not the controller itself. What i did was use msconfig and unchecked the box for ULI5288 under the startup tab. So it's really just disabled and not uninstalled. It's worked that way for me.
  5. Same here. No issues at all since I stopped the ULI software from running at startup. Are you using the SLI controller? I've had it disabled in the bios because I get a error message in the bios if I enable it. I haven't tried to use it because I don't want to mess up the ULI controller.
  6. I haven't had any errors since I disabled the ULI controller utility from running at startup. I use Diskeeper 9.0 and defrag is error free.
  7. Hi, I left the power off for a few minutes and then powered up without any errors. I don't think leaving it off any longer would make any difference. I'm using the 5-26 beta bios and I have the SIL controller disabled in the bios. I have 2x36gb raptors in raid0 and a single 74gb raptor on the ULI controller.
  8. I used msconfig to stop the ULI utility from running at startup and I've been error free for 10 hrs, even with reboots.
  9. This is my first DFI board and while I do like the appearance and all the options, I am less than pleased with the board. It's just unacceptable to release a board where you can't use the sata controllers like they were designed to be used and I sure don't think that I should have to wait a couple months for them to straighten it out. My patience is already wearing thin and yesterday I imaged my OS to a non-raid hdd. I have two hdds that I can't even use right now! I feel like I payed a premium for what turns out to be a unfinished product and now I'm a unpaid tester. I planned on skipping over AM2 and conroe so I bought what looked like the best Socket 939 board to come out. Maybe it will all work out, I hope so.
  10. I was able to find the 5-19 beta bios on the Taiwan website. I flashed the bios and can also now use the SIL controller with a single sata hdd with my ULI controller running Raid 0. I also get the error warning but at least it seems to work.
  11. I wasn't aware of the problem. Thanks for the reply
  12. I have 2 36g Raptors running Raid0 on the ULI sata controller. I have a 74g Raptor that if I hook up to the ULI controller it works fine. If I hook it up to the Sil3114 controller, on reboot my Raid array and both 36g raptors disappear and I can't boot. My option to boot from the raid0 on ULI is gone in the bios. I've tried setting the Sil3114 mode to sata and raid with the same results. I have all drivers installed and am using the 4-27 bios from DFI. If I disable the Sil3114 in the bios or disconnect my 74g Raptor from the mb, my ULI raid reappears and it boots normally. Is anyone sucessfully using both sata controllers? Also when I enable the Sil3114 and reboot I get an error message about "Rom can not" and I can't read the rest because it goes by to fast. Thanks for any suggestions.
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