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  1. Bump. I can not find the RMA thing on the DFI site
  2. Lol nothing spins up period on the mobo. Hmm anyone link me to the DFI RMA site. I won this mobo in a modding contest....... Does DFI ask for reciet? If so, I wonder how that will work.
  3. I can jump the PSU by doing the wire trick from black to green. It spins up fine. I let the CMOS clear for about 36 hours and still a no go.
  4. Ok guys, its not the PSU. I even stated I tried 2 others including a OCZ. So no more getting on me about the PSU lol.
  5. Today I tried swaping out the CPU with one that is working in anouther system. Still no go. Nothing spins up period. I also changed ram... still nothing. Looks like RMA is right around the corner unless anyone has any ideas.
  6. The S12 has not had a compatability issue so far. It ran the board for 5 months with no trouble. I also said I tried 2 other PSU's. One an OCZ and the other an off brand. Each to the same result. So lets just throw out the PSU problem
  7. That PSU is one of the best made. Even beats out the OCZ one. But I have 2 other PSU's and its not that. My problem is that the Mobo is not starting up period. As in you hit the on button and nothing happens. Even the on button that is built into the mobo. The amber light is on the mobo but nothing is happening.
  8. Finished my sig. Sorry I had not done so ahead of time
  9. Ok guys I have been running my UT nf4 SLI-dr for about 4 months and then today it randomly died. I unhooked everything but the bare essentials and it still will not power up. It does not do anything or attempt to spin up. Only the yellow LED at the bottom of the board lights up. I put in anouther CPU, RAM, and Vid card. Still nothing. Any ideas. -JS
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