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  1. are you telling me that a 250$ processor is now better than an FX-57? those are like 800$ last time i checked... edit: looked on newegg. wow thats unbelieveable...... i bought mine for about 800$.. that was january though.... unbelieveable how fast stuff goes down.
  2. hmm i tried looking around for that but i can find it for sale. everything always stops at 4200.. = can you give me a link where it may be at?
  3. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...tegory_Code=OCZ OCZ looks like its out of stock there too. im tellin ya something is going wrong with them lol
  4. oh really? thanks i didnt know that. i thought maybe the SPD on the ram had it set to those settings. hmm well np, i was planning to OC with it anyway. i've been practicing on my old value ram so i have the mechanics and basics of overclocking down... but thanks for the heads up.
  5. thanks, now my only problem is OCZ pc4000 plat edition is OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE!!! wth?? also i have another question whats the diffrence between plat and gold ed? is plat the same just overclocked SPD? if so i wont get it but is there a real diffrence?
  6. im thinking of getting some OCZ pc4000, but im not sure if it will work with my lanparty UT expert... it says it uses 3200, but the pin count are the same and someone said it would. is this true? thanks
  7. okay i found my OS disc, and i want to try repair before i format but how do i use windows repair? first question is: Which windows installation would you like to log onto? 2nd is: enter administrator's password. and then it just says . like a command prompt. i dont know how to use command prompts does anyone know how to repair windows?
  8. yes, i tried one stick of ram, one vid card, and a cpu and it ALWAYS works if i do i cmos clear. my problem is at random points once i load windows it just shuts off. its stable in the BIOS, i've gotton it to run 10+ minutes there but once in windows poof. shuts off and i cant get it to detect RAM until i do a cmos clear (meaning three diagnostic LEDs light up on the mobo) . could this be that the CPU is overheating and the motherboard shuts it down automatically?
  9. what do i do if i boot it up? do you press delete once you see lanparty's splash screen? i got it to boot up using minimal settings and it went into windows (i didnt want it to... wanted to go into bios) and it shut off again after windows detected new hardware. i didnt mess with anything in windows (and im suprised after reading the stuff i read that windows loaded, was expecting to reinstall my OS.) and yes, i dont know why my sig say ultra-D (what was i thinking??? ill change it) yes it is an expert. edit: i tried to boot it up again and now the same things happened and i didnt mess with, touch, or even LOOK AT any hardware inside my computer. worked once, shut down, and doesn't start back up like it did once last night. if there is any additional information you need to know, ill be happy to help. my dad says it may have something to do with some cables he plugged in labeled PWR LED, HDD LED, and some other things he cant remember but he says something about not being sure about polarity or something. he often times doesnt know what hes talking about tho but he wanted me to add it.
  10. i already have a thread over @ http://tech-forums.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=105074 that has my entire problem. you can probably skip to the 2nd page which has my most current problem. you can reply here though, dont make an account on tech-forums if you dont already have one. posted it here since my mobo is a DFI and this forum gets more publicity anyway. any input is appreciate, thanks!
  11. 3 lights means your VGA was detected, but DRAM was not. sorry i couldn't help more.. thats all i know
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