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  1. I just happen to have a pair of 2x512's OCZ Rev 2 Plats that have been working flawlessly in my system. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. I got onto one of the OCZ reps and they were truly AWESOME. Turns out somehow one of the sticks was programmed to be 3200 vs 4000, hence why the CPUZ indicated them to be different. The guy at OCZ sent me a link to a program where you can "reflash" the stick to be what it should be, simply copying the identity of the working PC4000 chip and then transferring that to the one that displayed the 3200. Apparently only the DFI boards have an issue when this occurs. Anyway - works great now! Thanks guys.
  3. So there's a possibility that OCZ will say I'm S.O.L and have a mis matched pair?
  4. The Sticks feature both stickers etc and they both read with the same part number through CPUZ so I'm guessing it's an internal issue...I hope.
  5. The interesting thing to me is they clocked different speeds at stock - one at PC 4000 and one at PC 3200. Is that bad?
  6. With BOTH chips in the orange slots I get three reds. This is the output from CPUZ for each ram stick when loaded individually.
  7. Sorry - should have updated my sig - isn't the PSU!! I have an OCZ 700W GamerXtreme, and I only have 1 HD and 1 DVD-RW.
  8. Ok - so I've read all the previous posts and I simply can't get this thing to post. Previously had 2x512 OCZ Plats Rev2 in the Orange Slots, no trouble at all. So I clear the CMOS, switch out the sticks - 3 red beeps. I try each 1 gig stick (PC4000 Platinums) individually (both the furtherest orange and yellow slots) and they both work perfectly - so the RAM is good. The CPU is good. I have NO idea now what to do. I've tried to upgrade the BIOS, now at the 704-BTA2 and again, no luck. ANYBODY have any solution at all for this? Should I RMA? Should I just go back to the 2x512's and sell the 2x1's and wait for my next rig??? Any and all help is useful. Cheers in advance.
  9. Any advice on how to make this "tight"? Load temps are at 43-44C, idles nicely at 32-33C.
  10. Hey - I know how cold Melbourne can get in the middle of June!!! I live in California now, so yeah, can fully sympathise. I'm going with the aftermarket chipcooler (arround $13US delivered - hey, I know, we get screwed back home on GST and import taxes). I'll keep everybody posted on this to see how it goes. FYI - My BIOS is 6.00 PG Phoenix Tech 04/06/2006
  11. Its pretty well running at 46-48C constant. CPU is at low 30's, even high 20's (1.4 V) so I have no idea, its not a crazy OC thats for sure.
  12. Hi - updated the Bios and now my chipset reads at something in the order of 48 C. The voltage is set to the minimum (1.5 V). The previous Bios had the chipset running 40-42 C, so nothing PHYSICALLY has changed to the system. Any ideas? I'm thinking of putting Arctic Silver on the chipset heatsink...anything else?
  13. POSSIBLE CONCLUSION FOLKS... LOL So I organise the DIF RMA - thinking I'll be PC less for a while, I go and buy a refurb ASRock from newegg, $33 or something rediculous. Anway - friday it arrives, I plug everything in, fire it up...and the SAME EXACT thing as the DFI board!!! No boot. I thought "bugger - I've fried the CPU on my DFI". So I try something crazy - I replace the graphics card with my old 4200Ti AGP (lucky for me this board has both the PCI-e and AGP)...and what do you know....boots right on up. YOU DAMN GRAPHICS CARD!!!! So now I've got the culprit - the evga 6600GT - and ITS being RMA'd...LOL
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