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  1. i must say i find these Mobos a lot like my old Soltek NF2, if you try to do too much at one time they are not happy at all!!


    For example trying to go from a 12xmulti to 11xmulti - i had to reset everything to auto and then slowly edge up fsb etc until i get back to the same overall mhz but at a lower multi, takes a long time but i think the results are really worth it. Even if i have lost a load of hair in the process :nod:

  2. Raja - i have not had any issues with the Tagan, (apart from my switch was broke on arrival) maybe that is one thing i have been lucky with :)

    I must say i am really glad i went with the Tagan over the Sparkle i was looking at, the quality seems way better. even the slightly wierd suitcase they send it packed in :rolleyes:


    As regards the issues i am having i have finally managed to get some 3D benches done again, seems to be an issue with connecting another HDD to the ULI controlled SATA connections, any ideas?


    Simon - i have also left the AI as standard also. i think my problem is more hardware related... i have just now managed to clock me chip a bit too!! i will keep you all posted!!


    thnx for your input.

  3. Hi there i recently upgraded to a Crossfire setup, build has all gone fine everything booted no problem and i managed to run 3d Mark 2003 once or twice.


    However as soon as i added another HDD my system would not run any 3D apps, just sticks on a blank screen then eventually re boots. i have removed everything possible even my Floppy drive so i just have mobo, gfx, raid array and CPU cooler powered up but no joy.....


    any help very welcome :)

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