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  1. i have 4 x 512 sticks of OCZ Platinum Rev 2, i was gonna give em a go in this board just to see if i could get em running in 1T. Reason being i know they will do 275 at 2.5-3-3-5 what do u guys think? Any suggestions?
  2. i too was having this issue on 36GB raptors in RAID 0 on the ULI controller. however i seem to have cured it by following JohnMikes RAM settings etc that he posted earlier. I have gone over 2 days now and not had a single problem - fingers crossed
  3. not being funny but surely "feel" is the whole idea. if a game feels better you are more accurate, like in UT etc.
  4. my chipset hits about 51C on full load, problem is that in crossfire setup it is sandwiched between the two GFX and they kick out some serious heat. i am hoping to watercool it soon, but i must say it has not given me any problems so far.
  5. fingers crossed i have found the 6.5 a lot better for me!! COD2 looks mint with them !!
  6. quick question, when i had my SLI-DR with 2 x 7800GTX i always ran my cards at 105mhz. i found it gave a more fluid feel to games. i want to try this on the crossfire setup but can not find aa way to change the frequency in the BIOS , any ideas?
  7. memory error, never thought of that one!! i did flash twice the nremove the battery, still i may go to the newest BIOS and see if that cures it! thanks for the input,
  8. does anyone know what this error code means???!!! Basically if i try to change my multi downwards the system will not boot and just cycles through the first couple of codes and goes to this constantly any ideas, advice?
  9. i know it is a pain to do but why dont you take your heatsink off so you can put the RAM in the other sockets, seems worth a go IMO
  10. i did try that yes, but no joy that way. it still seems to have been the 3rd HDD.
  11. i must say i find these Mobos a lot like my old Soltek NF2, if you try to do too much at one time they are not happy at all!! For example trying to go from a 12xmulti to 11xmulti - i had to reset everything to auto and then slowly edge up fsb etc until i get back to the same overall mhz but at a lower multi, takes a long time but i think the results are really worth it. Even if i have lost a load of hair in the process :nod:
  12. sounds very similar to the issues i was having, mine seems to have been caused by having another HDD connected to the ULI SATA connectors, when i take it off my 3D is fine, put it in and i get black screen and a re-boot.
  13. Raju - afraid i cant try the experiment for you my rocker switch was DOA, so i cant turn off the juice at all im going to RMA the beast after next weekends LAN. good news though i am still running fine and got me chip upto 3gig now (12X250) going to go for 10X300 tonight!!
  14. Raja - i have not had any issues with the Tagan, (apart from my switch was broke on arrival) maybe that is one thing i have been lucky with I must say i am really glad i went with the Tagan over the Sparkle i was looking at, the quality seems way better. even the slightly wierd suitcase they send it packed in As regards the issues i am having i have finally managed to get some 3D benches done again, seems to be an issue with connecting another HDD to the ULI controlled SATA connections, any ideas? Simon - i have also left the AI as standard also. i think my problem is more hardware related... i have just now managed to clock me chip a bit too!! i will keep you all posted!! thnx for your input.
  15. Hi there i recently upgraded to a Crossfire setup, build has all gone fine everything booted no problem and i managed to run 3d Mark 2003 once or twice. However as soon as i added another HDD my system would not run any 3D apps, just sticks on a blank screen then eventually re boots. i have removed everything possible even my Floppy drive so i just have mobo, gfx, raid array and CPU cooler powered up but no joy..... any help very welcome
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