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  1. Hmm sign me up! I need pictures of those old programs? (3d mark 2001-05?) or a 3D mark 2006 with 7.3k points is enough?
  2. I was reading a lot of reviews, and the best option for less than 2.2k is the Panasonic, and yeah LCD is coming to my mind, hmm i need to decide! have less than 1 week! o.o
  3. My first Crash! omg and my second! And guess with what game. Need for Speed Undergroand I omg! I think this game dont like my 3.0 ghz cpu. Even with 8 hours of oblivion got 0 crashes, or 12 hours in prime95 ! Can be a game problem? or is something wrong with my pc ?
  4. Use prime95, OCCT. Links to download them on this link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  5. Ok the next 3 voltages are for ur memory. And this ones are weird :cat: not like the vgpu, sometimes it will help to go up, sometimes it will help to go down, and each setting varies as well. RAM chips Voltage (MVDDC) with this option u can raise .025v-.050v and raise ur memory clocks 10 mhz and heat ur card, etc etc etc. Remember to always watch ur temps or ur card will say bye bye :angel: Memory Buffers Voltage (VDDQ) this one is a good option, u can lower it (this will reduce the amount of heat generated by ur card) watch ur 3d view u can lower it until u start seeing artifacts or ur computer hang up. I hope this help U. And i sorry for my poor english
  6. Ok lets Start in the Voltage Menu u have 4 values The first one (VGPU) I recommend 1.175 to 1.450 (1.425 is what AtiTool recommend) anyways the default 1.175 is enought for make a small OC and safety with low temps. After that u can start to OC ur Core and ur Memory Try to do both at the same time. Raise your core clock by 10MHz and click Set Clock with the 3d view closed. After that open ur 3d view and let ur card heat up then close ur 3d view. Make the same with the memory (Raise 20-25 mhz Each time). Watch ur Temps! This will take time, some restars, some hang ups, etc. Ok ill continue in the next post
  7. CPU/GPU/RAM problem ? anyone is OC`ed?
  8. Ati tool --> Settings --> Voltage Control --> Raise ur Voltage And Start playing with the mhz
  9. The last time i bought a computer for my gf, she says "oh this is for me or for u?" So make sure she want it
  10. Oh really? thats awesome, im in Brownsville and looking for some mods
  11. Im a soccer Fan and World Cup is coming, and I will get a plasma 42 inch, my budget is 2200, what is my best option ? The only availible stores here are circuit city and best buy, other options are internet. Thanks
  12. Thank u. I learned from u guys.
  13. Thats what i mean. Sorry :angel: English is not my primare lenguage
  14. Is 650x300 like the rules says, and I uploaded my picture in www.picturesupload.com and used the IMG tags, and the picture appears like a thumb thats why the small size =(
  15. Can someone tell me how can I put my rig picture in a normal size?
  16. Im on a Sapphire and OC very good, and is very stable, and running in a Nvidia chipset
  17. I have that sony burner. but some friends have the Plextor and is better (less noisy, and less CPU usage). and yeah ATI card use more power, and sometimes more heat (ATI card normal temps are 60-70C thats what ATI says). but if u want my advice: if u are going for a single card, then get the ati forget the heat thing, and if u want sli in the future then get the nvidia.
  18. I will tell u the next time I open my case, im using a Case with 14 screws on the side, so im lazy lol. Well im in the south of Texas, outside is like 90s, not sure inside, im not in a room with A.C. so maybe 70s 80s? not sure
  19. Running my X1900 xtx on a Ultra-D and no problems at all gogo ATI
  20. Well im using Zalman Reserator plus 1, and my CPU temp is 40-44C full Load at 3.0ghz!! so yeah is nice and easy to use, and cheap (260usd). My gpu temps are good to around 65-70C full load after 2 hours of oblivion running my core clock at more than 700 mhz and my memory more than 1600mhz. I will post a Review of this WC this days. Put in mind im in the south of Texas and the Temps outside are 90s F. Ill recomend this stuff
  21. Like technodanvan say u can do that, and then u can sell the "new" machine for more money
  22. Get better ram ocz or gskill. That dvd R is not the best option wich model of gpu are u getting? if u want a quiet psu then get the gamestream other way powerstream is a great option. U can save a few bucks and get a opty 165 and OC it very easy to 2.5 or a 3800 X2
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