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  1. 2 more days for see Mexico again waiting!
  2. There so many good solos around, but when I listened to this one (watched), I was omg.
  3. What u think now? I think is better
  4. Hey sorrento a check my new sig! perfect for this month
  5. This is my first "mod system" with WC. Still need a lot of work, just finished with the performance and is time to play with the Look . Any tips? The wires are all messy still, working on that, but im going to upgrade my HD so im waiting. Lanparty on the back and my lovely gskill memory.
  6. See Sorrento 3-1 nice second half
  7. Mexico 3-1 iran tomorrow mty mty? o algun municipio cerca?
  8. Just a simple answer. U notice when u are using a system with a DFI board? Of course!! all the other systems are the same! DFI rigs are the greatest !
  9. Im having all kind of problems, I have the first Audigy Platinium Ex and this are my main problems, All the Audigy Sound card have Sound Software like DriverMix, Creative audio console, etc. After I install the drivers, All this kind of software work great, after a couple of Restarts or Shutdowns, The software is not working anymore, like when i open Creative Audio, the options are Clear (none for select) and of course this with my current speakers sounds very very bad. Anyone having this kind of problems? im pretty sure is a OS problem, but dunno maybe is time to upgrade sound card for a better one? I have great speakers maybe i should, but anyways i cant find a better driver for this OS.
  10. ciberfog

    Game locks

    Ill say is ur ram, but ram is not for high fps, is for less low fps, higher fps is more gpu and cpu, but yeah ram helps
  11. Update: Thanks that work When I tipping the case to the left my temps fast go down, but when I move the case to the original position my temps again go up.
  12. Im having problems with Air bubbles near my vga chipset, my cpu temps are the same but vc is getting hotter, any way to remove the air? I tried to turn off and on my water pump, and my temp drop to normal again and after 1 hour the same problem. Any tips?
  13. yeah i tried to buy that before, but they dont accept international credit card! and im not an american resident So water wetter will be lol
  14. Can anyone tell me the formula for make some cooling liquid for my wc?? I remember some people say the one for the Car. Just dont remember wich one. Thanks in advance
  15. I just got Fifa 2006 World cup (0 warning on the package) but the game didtn work because my OS any chance to patch the game? or run with some compatible option? Im really mad! and they technical support didtn answer me.
  16. Is not the same in all the systems u need to watch ur 3d view, and see ur temps, and if ur system hang up then is to much (or artifacts), after that try to raise ur memory clocks, and repeat.
  17. How much that cost u? (all the cooling system)
  18. Discuss Most CPU-GPU-RAM demanding game. Prob the #1 is Oblivion
  19. that will take time to download lol hmm what is Everest Read?
  20. If u push that very high u can get a +20-30 extra mhz
  21. Is not my case, see my rig, I dont need 1.5v for 3.0 ghz (maybe im to lucky lol)
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